During the course of this semester, I feel that I have grown mentally as well as academically. I started college with high expectations as to how things would go. Over these view months my work process has improved because I have accomplished a new sense of discipline when it comes to completing assignments. As soon as a new project was assigned, I found my self brainstorming and planning out the timing and hours that I would have to devote to the work. There were numerous times that I had to turn down my friends on weekends because I knew that I couldn’t balance all of these things. I spent 2-3 hours a night writing out and revising work for the projects and asking questions where I found instructions confusing. I realized that college was nothing like high school because I would try to apply my self to my work, but still find it difficult to get an A. I was willing to re-work assignments that I felt had too low of a score because I wanted to start off my first semester with a high GPA. Somethings I think I can work on is adding more information when required, and using more descriptive language to help readers understand the text. I believed that I excelled at planning out and executing assignments in order to hand them in on time. I did a good job at answering all the questions asked,and following the guidelines that are provided. One thing I can tell my peers about my work, is that it will not stop improving over my college career because I know there’s always room for improvement.

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