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Project#3 Reflection

This project has brought out more of a creative side to my work. I honestly never would of thought of doing something such as a collage that would take as much planning as it did. I found that the painting portion of the collage was difficult for me because I could not get it to fully resemble the original collage. However, physically cutting out pieces of my picture to create a form of abstract art was time consuming. But in the end you get what you want and would be satisfied with it. In my opinion the photo shop creation of my collage was the most fun once I learned exactly how to work with the program.

High Key vs. Low Key

20141101_182206 20141101_182217My first image portrays a regular light from the school stairway. After adding the black and white filter, I was able to understand this particular shade of color. This picture displays a high key perspective that gives off somewhat of an evil vibe. This makes me think back on a scene in Law and Order . The mood may even be depressing to some people who view it from a different perspective. My second image depicts a low key image from a stairway door. It has a similar vibe to that of the high key, however it does go deeper into the perspective. It portrays a solid glossy black color, which in retrospect does not usually represent a positive concept from most peoples point of view.