Project#2 Reflection (Mash-up displays)

This project introduced me to an unfamiliar concept that an individual can display the sound of music onto paper. First, we did a class demo where we listened to two different kinds of music. The first was Stegato which is a more loud and rough course music track. The next was Legato which is more monotone and flows more calmly. We then translated what we heard onto Bristol paper in the form of shapes and lines that would depict whether it was stegato or legato. When we created the mash-ups of these pieces, I was able to explore this concept into more depth which allowed me to get creative. Throughout each stage of this project, I felt that there was a significant connection that helped us to gradually understand music more, in a different way. There were aspects f the projects I think I could of done differently such as the inking mash-up. My edges could of been a little more smooth as I was told in the critique. The feedback that I received can only be used to help in my work in the future. Now that I know the specific things I can work on, I can display major improvement for the following projects.

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