Project#2 Reflection

For project 2, my juxtapositions consists of two different structures that are from two different times of New York. In the picture that was posted, you see an old church building to the right of the shot on Remsen street. In the far distance you will spot a tall silver skyscraper with hundreds of floors. As I stated in my project, this overlap was discovered by an accident. I was simply watching my back and looking up the block. I learned many things from my work in this project. For one, I was able to become more familiar with the environment around City Tech. I wouldn’t normally take a grand tour of the area on my own unless I were to get lost first. However, this project prevented major confusion while at the same time learning more about the city that I am from. I learned that as a writer, I have much improved in conveying my message to readers. With new vocabulary, I can apply greater detail for readers to understand and even imagine for themselves. I understood concepts that Whitehead wanted to convey such as the fact that every individuals New York is different. This means one citizen may  remember city one way, while someone else may be accustomed to an older version of the same city. They may not want to except that things have changed New York will never stop moving forward.

The completion of this project required a significant amount of time for me to complete the task. I spent approximately 2-3 hours a day planning out and refining my work so that it can pinpoint the questions that were asked. From this experience I realized the importance of spending time on your work. The more time and effort dedicated to the work, the greater the quality and depth it will be. For the next project, I will have to put even more time into my work, as if it is something for an interview. And if I don’t think the grade I receive is acceptable for me, I won’t hesitate to go back and correct it.


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