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Vocab Extra Credit

Your exit exam/final exam is on Tuesday the 20th.

Your vocabulary extra credit is due then. Here are the requirements for your vocabulary homework. If your assignment does not meet these specifications, you will not get credit.

I will not accept late assignments for any reason.

Click here: vocab-extra-credit


You will have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. Your second vocabulary log is due at the beginning of class this day.

Your final/exit exam will be on the 15th. We will meet for our last class the 20th.

Unit 5: Chapter 2 Homework

Read Unit 5: Chapter 2 of Urban Reader for College Writers and answer these two questions as a comment to this post before class on Tuesday:

What green initiatives do you know about in New York City? Look into places like Chelsea Piers, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, or general initiatives in the city as a whole and tell your classmates a bit about what you learned. Don’t write about the same thing one of your classmates has already covered.

What are two more green initiatives you think  New York City, New York City businesses, or New York City residents should implement? (Try not to say the same thing as your classmates.)

Unit 5: Chapter 1 Homework

Read Unit 5, Chapter 1 of Urban Reader for College WritersAs a comment on this post answer this question before class on Tuesday, November 15th:

Think of a single other country in the world that you have experience with (perhaps the country you’re from or a country you’ve lived in or know a lot about). Are they more or less environmentally conscious than the United States? Give three examples comparing the two countries to explain/back up your claim.

Also, if you did not finish the Silicon Valley worksheet, complete it and turn it in on Tuesday as well.

Unit 4: Chapter 4

Read this chapter and be prepared to discuss it on Tuesday. There is no homework before Tuesday other than the reading, but you will have some homework to do from this chapter before Thursday, so keep an eye on the OpenLab.

Unit 3: Chapter 1 Homework

After reading Unit 3: Chapter 1 of Urban Reader for College Writers, answer both of the following questions as a comment on this post:

Do you know where the food you eat comes from? Is it from a local or international source? How do you know?

In what ways could you eat more locally? What changes could you make? Are you willing to make these changes? Why or why not?

Be as detailed and as opinionated as you like. You may speak about a personal experience, or just discuss the idea in general.

You must post a comment answering this question before class on Tuesday, October 25th.

October 18th Class Info and Homework

Here is what we went over in class today. The homework is listed below. Additionally, remember that project presentations will begin on Thursday.

grading-parents <- Click this to download the document


Write a response to the article, clearly picking one side (for or against grading parents) and including everything that is expected in a complete response.