iCivics Game Homework

For this assignment, you will play a game online, upload the screen showing you’ve completed the game, and give a short summary and response of the experience, all as a comment to this post.

Step 1: Go to https://www.icivics.org/games and play any game on the site. (Scroll down on the site for more options.)

Step 2: Play a game all the way until the end, then, screenshot your results.

To take a screenshot, hit this button:


This will take a picture of everything on your screen, so hide anything you don’t want to be shown. I just need to see the game.

Step 3: Then, go to a photo sharing site such as http://imgur.com/ and upload your image.

If you use Imgur, just click the green “New Post” button at the top and you can right-click and hit “paste,” use Ctrl + V, or browse to find or drag the image you saved on your computer to the box.

Step 4: Then, once you have uploaded the image, there will be a link on the right side of the page with a button saying “copy.” Hit that button and paste the link you get as a comment to this post.

You may use a different photo sharing site, but you cannot ask for my help in uploading using different sites, because I am not familiar with all of them.

Step 5: In addition to the link you provide, do the following:

Tell us what game you played and summarize your experience playing. What choices did you make? How did they affect the game?

Respond to the experience explaining whether you think you did well or poorly, why, and how something specifics in this game has expanded your knowledge of its subject matter. How has this game affected your understanding of politics or civics?

This is due by class time on Thursday, September 29th.

29 responses to “iCivics Game Homework

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    The game i played is Represent Me. I have to choose the perfect reason to approve the bill and stamp it.
    I think i did bad because you have to know which one is the benefit for the bill to be approves and then stamp it. However, you should not stamp the bill for silly reason which might not have any impact for the country.

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    The game I played is call CAST YOUR VOTE. In this game they give 5 question and two candidate had to answer those question and who ever you agree with you have to vote for that candidate.
    I think this game is helpful for people who doesn’t know how the debate work and voting work. This game can teach you about voting and help you to chose the wright candidate.

  3. http://cesarzefe.imgur.com/all/
    the game i played is immigration nation, in this game i had to the story of different people from all over the world and send them to the right place and make sure if they were citizen of united states, also how people how can become citizen of unites states .. i think i did great i analyze every story and i send them to right place well most of them.. this game is pretty helpful to people that want to have and idea how hard or how much you have to go trough to become citizen of united states.. honestly it really help me 🙂

    • This is one of my favorite games. I think a lot of Americans don’t really understand how much work is involved in the immigration process. I can’t see your screenshot, but it sounds like you had a good experience playing.

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    The game i played Responsibility Launcher is a fun game.This game taught me a lot about responsibility , responsibility is not easy you have to think wisely.The Responsibility Launcher is a very important person ,he listens to peoples problem and then he gives them the best solution.I had no idea that the Responsibility Launcher does all this things, I am glad that i played this game cause it taught a lot about responsibility.

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    The game I played is Cast Your vote. It is a interesting game. There are two candidates to debate in the game. They need to answer five questions and I need to choose which I agree. finally based on their answers, I need to vote one candidate. They debate topics all about public, such as transportation, littering, fossil fuel,and healthy, etc.. All topics related to our live, many problems need to improve. I think if one candidate become president, s/he will face these problems and prepare to solve or improve these problems.

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    The game I played was win the white house which unfortunately I lose but had a great experience on playing the role of a president. I think its a great way to experience how the presidential candidates fight each other to win the election. quite interesting!!!

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    The game I played was “Win The White House”. I lost the election ,but we had a contest on the game where I did fight a long time with Republican candidates. I really like the game because it is a nice way to know the processing of presidential election .

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    The game I played was Argument Wars. It was a good game. This game was about a law case called Brown VS Board of Education. In the game, I represented Brown, and I supported black and white people should not be segregated. During the game, I had to make decisions which evidence I should choose to support my argument. I had to be very careful about the type of evidence. It was easy to be objected by opponent if the evidence is an idea then I lose points. Through playing this game, my history knowledge got improved. When I read through each evidence, I got more details about how constitution protect citizen. I played this game twice. I lost the first time and won the second time. I was interested in this type of game!

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    The game I played is call Argument Wars. The case i chose was New Jersey v. T.L.O., that is about the student privacy in school. i was the side of T.L.O., to prove others shouldn’t search student’s privacy stuff with out reasonable, and i use The Fourth Amendment to support my point. This game is very helpful to me, it lets me know how the court works. That is not easy to win a case. In the case you have to prepare a lot to ideas, evidence and other case to support your point, and give reasonable objections of opponent’s idea.

  10. The game I played was “Win The White House”. I won the election ,but I could not print the link. So, I played again and I did not win the white house but iI got knowledge about what Questions will the people who want to be president will be asked and how he would answer them. In many section and different case , such as Safety , education , Military , and Tax.

    I think this kind of Games are great way to make people learn about Civics and Government. It shows in fun and nice written definitions select for each part of speech. thanks http://imgur.com/a/JE1TU

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    The game I played was “Do I have right”. I won 14 cases ,but I lost 6 cases.This game is good opportunity to learn civic for those who don’t understand civic much. I think this game is very helpful for me, I learn people’s right and get to know more about the amendments.But I think the game is going too fast,I couldn’t handle at the beginning,but after the second case, I got used to it,its a very fun game for us to play.

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    The game I played was Crisis of Nation. It would take kids 30 minutes + to complete the game. The describption of the game is “In crisis of nation, take the helm of your own counter and work together to solve international crises”. This game is basically a card game. It has military, economic, agent and sponsor resources. Everytime you win a round, you get a bonus resource.
    First, you will need to read a crisis, then the game system will give you four resources and you have to distruste your resources corresponding to the crisis.
    The ultimate goal is to collect 15 corresponding resources. Overall, The intention of this game is good, but somehow it makes people want to skip the reading. The game itself is relatively easy, so it meant for kids. One of the significant things that I have learned from this experience is each country has to work together in econimics, military, sponsor and agent in order to solve a international crisis.

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    I’ve played a game call CAST YOUR VOTE. In the game it provide a 5 random questions, On one question that has 3 sub question that has to choose and two candidate answer it. In the end of the game you have to vote which candidate that you prefer it.

    This game is provide people that do not know how debate work and blindly voting without knowing how much the voting is important to whole country and what is the right to choose it and how does that will effect to everyone.

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