Unit 1: Chapter 4 Homework

After reading Unit 1: Chapter 4 of Urban Reader for College Writers, answer both of the following questions as a comment on this post:

What is your reaction to neighborhood residents having decision-making power when it comes to traffic, noise, or business in their communities? What if not everyone in the community agrees?


What suggestions would you make to improve your neighborhood? Why would you change these things if you could?

Be as detailed and as opinionated as you like. You may speak about a personal experience, or just discuss the idea in general.

You must post a comment answering this question before noon on Sunday, September 25th. Leave a reply* to one of your classmates’ posts before class on Tuesday, September 27th.

*Note: Replies must be well thought out and complete sentences. Saying “I agree” is not enough. With what do you agree (or respectfully disagree)? Why? Do you have suggestions, additions? Be thorough.

NOTE: Read the below post to know what you need to do before class this Thursday, September 22nd!

26 responses to “Unit 1: Chapter 4 Homework

  1. my reaction about neighborhood residents having decision making is pretty interesting and surprising, im totally because they have the right to make any changes if they all agree,besides they all know whats going in the neighborhood,all working together by making smart decisions will have a safe place to live, its a little surprise because they allow to all people to make decisions which is great but at the end of the day they all have to be agree if they decide to make any changes. political can change their mind if the neighbors know that the changes they making will be a good change for everyone.. thats why its important to make smart decisions .. if someone is not agree they will just stop counting on that person and avoid his/her opinions and comments with all respect .
    ill not make any changes if the neighborhood is not agree with those changes, we all have to work together..

  2. Neighborhood Residents coming together and building ideas is a great, they have the power to make decisions that changes their community.But not everyone might agree to each others ideas which is bad for their Neighborhood.So they should stop disagreeing with each other because they are neighbors . Neighbors should help each other to make their community stronger , if they cannot help their community then who will.So they should stop fighting and work together to make good decision about how to make their neighborhood better and peaceful.The most important about neighborhood Residents having power is that it helps neighborhood become united.

    • I agree will Drake opinion because if the Residents have the power to make their own decision, it will have many benefits. So, the residents can make their own decision without the government interfering.

      • im agree with you drake.. its interesting what you say in your comment, neighborhood should work together all the time thats how they will build a better place and safe to live.. its important to take some ideas from each of them and then all have to vote if they decide to make any changes in the neighborhood , most importantly they have to make smart movements so in the future nobody get affected or disappointed by those changes..

    • I agree with your opinion, as you said, neighbors should help each other in order to make their community stronger. I think its also a great way to build our society upper instead of letting it down.

    • This is very true, Drake, but what happens when you have that one grumpy neighbor who won’t agree with anyone? You’re right that working together should be the ultimate goal.

  3. Neighborhood Residents cooperate in building ideas will have many advantages for communities. They will have the power to decide the changes of their own community. However, not everyone is agreeing with others ideas or opinions. Therefore, they should decide what is good for them and support it as a neighbors in the community. Neighbors should be helpful toward each other to make the community become stronger. Also, they should stop fighting against each others but work together instead. As a result, the community will become more advantageous and peaceful. Lastly, the most necessary things about neighborhood residents having power is everyone in the community will be united.

  4. I think neighborhood residents have the ability of changing Government rules in many cases. Just when, they work as one unit and they have same seek for their community and neighborhood to be the best.For instance, they can make agreement for time of making party in neighborhood and inform all the residents. Also when it comes to business, it is important to have the same care about which business will help to improve the area and not effect badly in it. Everybody will think about their families and kids and they will try their best to keep the neighborhood as better as possible. Through, my experience in my life, in my country Yemen, at Taiz city ,in my neighborhood has been a situation that needed all the people in the area to sign list of names against this business which was about to opened in the neighborhood.Almost all the people have signed and refused this business to take place among the houses. the business was a big Gas station and if something happened it will damage and burn all the neighborhood for sure. So, when the people went to the government to complain about the business . The government responded fast and stopped the business.From this example we can see how fast and affect when people act as one person and have same goal.

    • I agree with you Mustafa .If everyone in the neighborhood and in general will act together as one person ,having the same goal as long as it will effect their community positively, the results will be quicker . that`s what I mentioned in my comment about having ( collaborative community ) which is really hard to find in our now busy .

    • It looks like at least people from ur community can complain to your government. In my situation, rich people do whatever they want because the local departments don’t care about it.

      • I disagree with you TianZhen , because if your Community people acting as one unit and meet together to figure out a solution. Then that way it will work and even the people are reach they can not do much for many people who are against them and the Media will work. It will public case as will news cover and true people will get their rights.

    • I really enjoyed reading your example from Yemen. I think having control over the businesses in your neighborhood is one of the strongest and most important voices a neighborhood community can have.

  5. My reaction to my neighborhood residents having decision-making power is little surprising, because it’s very hard to change stuff in communities. everyone must has to work together in order to change. Not one person can make decision and change stuff in a community. If everyone doesn’t agree with the decision then nothing can change.
    We all should have a great relationship with our neighbors, because they are the person who will help us at our need. Our relatives will help but neighbors will help immediately. So, its better to have good relation with the neighbors.

  6. My reaction to neighborhood residents having decision making power will be positive. It`s always a great thing having a collaborative neighborhood who think how to improve their neighborhood which will improve our society .Coming up with positive and new ideas help build a progrissive improvement in our society .

    • I agree with you. People working together can improve their neighborhood. When people work together, they can talk with each other, understand their opinion to their community, what need to improve in community. If everyone want something improve, it can enforce quickly when neighborhood residents having decision-making power.

  7. surely not everyone in the neighborhood will agree with the same idea which even better ,because it creates more ideas ,but we should act together . from my own experience when the revolution in Egypt happened 5 years ago there was high amount of the security flaw so every neighborhood had to do something called “popular committees ” so everyone in that neighborhood has to work together and protect their neighborhood till everything settle down again. so if every small group in a neighborhood ,school or business act effectively we will have a better change in our life …

  8. My reaction to neighborhood residents having decision-making power when it comes to traffic, noise, or business in their communities is Surprised, because everyone has a different lifestyle, when a people want to change communities is very difficult. Anyway, if not everyone in the community agrees, then we can not do anything to change the community. I think neighborhood relations are very important, because it will change or affect your life. For example, if your neighbor is very noisy at night, it will make you feel tired. If your neighbors are very quiet, you will feel comfortable. The quality of the community will affect each other. So I suggest that all the people do not make much noise at night in your community, and should be kept clean in your communities. I also think that the neighborhood should help each other to build a harmonious society. Everyone should have the responsibility to protect or take care of their community to make the community become better. It make that your life will be better.

  9. My reactions to neighborhood residents having decision-making powers in their communities is “Mind my own business “. It’s good that each resident has different opinions when it comes to change in their communities because it creates more new ideas regarding to the changes and shows that they do care about their communities. If everyone agrees to have changes in their communities, the changes must be reasonable and benefit to everyone. On the other hand, If not all residents agree with the changes, they can’t change anything because of the laws. However, when it comes to rich people, they can do whatever they want and this phenomenon happens all around the world.
    Furthermore, most of the people live in apartments, so it’s very convenient for them to move to different places. Hence, you either have to accept and adopt the changes or move to other place.

    • I agree with your idea,“If everyone agrees to have changes in their communities, the changes must be reasonable and benefit to everyone. ” Because everyone have different thought and different life habits, or some people are selfish, if the change does not conducive to everyone, then nobody would agree to change. So there is a reasonable reason is very important. I think people should to share their ideas,and find a common ideas,and then people should work together to change the community. it will make the community become more better.

  10. My reaction to neighborhood residents having decision-making power when it comes to traffic, noise, or business in their communities is surprised, because different people has different ideas and opinions to their community, it is difficult that everyone agrees one ideas. However, if neighborhood residents decide something is good for everyone, I think no one will disagree. For example, clean the streets, reduce traffic and noise at night. In my opinion, people working together can improve our neighborhood relation because we can communicate with each other when we are working together. On this way, We can understand people’s thinking in order to improve our community.

  11. Each neighborhood residents has different idea of there own and has their own opnion but when is comes to the communtiy if ther others don’t agreed of you’re ideas the voting is one of the way to go to build up to better qaulity.

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