Unit 3: Chapter 1 Homework

After reading Unit 3: Chapter 1 of Urban Reader for College Writers, answer both of the following questions as a comment on this post:

Do you know where the food you eat comes from? Is it from a local or international source? How do you know?

In what ways could you eat more locally? What changes could you make? Are you willing to make these changes? Why or why not?

Be as detailed and as opinionated as you like. You may speak about a personal experience, or just discuss the idea in general.

You must post a comment answering this question before class on Tuesday, October 25th.

17 responses to “Unit 3: Chapter 1 Homework

  1. 1) I’m not sure where the food that I eat comes from. I think it’s international source because most of the thing I buy is frozen and it’s inside the packets. Also, because in New York there isn’t that much space to grow food and I don’t think people are interested in doing it.

    2) One way people can eat more locally is by growing some kind of vegetables at their rooftop or backyard. By doing this people can certainly improve their environment. I’m not sure if I want to do this because I really don’t have enough time to do it but in future I might try at list once.

  2. Nowadays, food comes from both local and international. For instance, fruits we eat in New York City are probably international sources because they’are not fresh as they should have been. In addition, NYC is an industry city, so the fruits are transport from other countries or states by using air ways, water ways, rail ways and road ways. More examples could be seafood and package food because we can find out where they were made in the front and back package labels. Overall, there are many ways to eat locally. For instance, we can eat the food that are in season, food labels where it origin, eat at restaurants that use local food as the ingredients, and plant your own garden. If I want to eat more locally, I would always check where food origins and knowing how to identify which food is fresh or stale. In modern days, technology is significantly increasing. It allows us to transport a food from other side of earth to where you live in just a day or two, so it doesn’t matter a lot. What is most important is that food making, storing and packing processes must be cleaned and well treated. If I have to give a negative example, I would say processed food. Although hot dogs taste good, its making process is gross and meat they use is not natural at all.

  3. 1. I know most of the foods I eat comes from China or from an other international source because most of the food I eat is frozen and I have seen the origin of the food displayed behind the food packaging from in China. Our family likes to eat Chinese foods, so we are often to buy in the Chinese supermarket. I know that the food of Chinese supermarket comes from international sources.
    2. I know some ways people can eat more locally are by growing some kind of vegetables at their backyard. And go to the supermarket to buy fresh food or you can to see the food packaging behind the origin is New York or not. I can change myself to grow vegetables and fruits in my garden, or not to buy foods in Chinese supermarkets, but I do not want to change because I like to eat Chinese food, while New York does not possible to create a similar Chinese food, and I feel good now. For example, I like to eat china fish tofu, but in the United States is not possible to create a similar fish tofu, so I do not want to change.

  4. 1. I think the food that I eat comes from a local source because is near the consumer.
    2. In what ways could I eat more locally I think by knowing what season is and this will help me know what to expect at farmers markets, shopping at farmers market that feature locally grown products. Yes I’m willing to make the changes, I would do everthing to be healthy.

  5. In China the food eating is almost from location because agriculture is very important for Chines and the tax of international food is so expensive. So most of Chinese in China eat the food that is from location. In America, the situation is same as China. In advantaged agriculture country, it is easy for people to eat the locational food, but it is very hard for some underdeveloped country. Although the agriculture is important for their government, to many population, disadvantaged technology and wars tend people can not have enough food and they need to get help from other countries.

  6. Yes. The food that I mostly eat comes internationally from different countries. I know it because I always check the ingredients as well read the description where it’s from before I buy it.

    Instead of going on a restaurant daily we can cook our own foods at home, sometimes growing vegetables at yard, get fresh food and eat healthy. most importantly our environment it should always be clean and what we are eating that should be clean too. If We can make changes to our environment the world will face less diseases and more peace.

  7. Food comes from both local and international sources ,it comes from farms in the first place, but most of the things people eat today is processed in factories in the country or in other countries.The only way you can know what’s in it is by looking at the list of ingredients. And if you do that, you may get a shock because you won’t know what half the things are.
    2)One way that people can eat locally is by growing food in their backyards or on their farms.This helps them save money ,by saving they can build up something new in their lives and also improve their economy by investing their saved money on it.

  8. 1. I know most of the foods I eat comes from Vietnam or from other countries because I have seen the origin of the food displayed behind the food packaging . Although, my family likes to eat Vietnamese foods. So we usually buy food in the Vietnamese supermarket. However the food in the Chinese supermarket is coming from international sources.
    2. Indeed, there is some ways people can eat more locally as they grow some kind of vegetables in their backyard. They can also go to the supermarket to buy fresh and healthy foods. Also, I can change myself into having a good habit of growing vegetables and fruits in my garden instead of buying foods in the supermarkets. However, the reason i want to change is that i like to eat my country food, but New York er are unable to create a similarly taste to it. Therefore, this would be better if we can make those changes which helps people faces less diseases and have a better life.

  9. I thing the food I eat comes from both local and international source because most of food in NY is transport from states or other countries. One way I eat more locally is I buy food that is made in USA. The change I make is planting vegetables in my home. Other way is I always buy food product of USA. But I am not willing to make these changes because I have no time to plant vegetables and my mom is responsible for buying food.

  10. 1. The food that I eat in daily is almost local source because it’s all from my hometown. I saw the rice harvesting in my grandfather’s farm when he was growing crops in spring. Also, in his house backyard, he grew some of the vegetables by himself. I have seen the process of making foods that I eat usually. The tofu is made of beans, the soup is a mixture of many stuffs, and kim-chi is made of cabbage, so I’m really aware of my daily food.
    2. I actually eat local food usually, so If I want to make a change, I really want to try more international food. Not the general one, like pizza, hamburger, etc. Some food that from a different culture, or different places. Thus, if I want to chase my appetite, I have to move to another place, which doesn’t make sense. It seems like a “mission impossible”.

  11. The food that I eat comes from local,because I always buy food in Whole foods market and Trader Joe’s. Both markets are selling organic food from the local farm. Sometimes,the food I eat comes from international source,because there is a Chinese supermarket near by. Most of the food in the supermarket are from China.
    One way people can eat more locally is going to the farm to buy some vegetables or other food.
    In the end, I don’t want to make any changes.

  12. personally,the food which i eat is from different countries and it is also form US too. The United States of America has many farms such as which in located in CA,State, and many others. I eat Yemeni food ,Arabic and American too. Some for they know how to do it and they use the material as local like milk and eggs and check and so on. The fruits in many States are available especially in the south East because the weather i the winter is not like in the New York City. time you can bring it to the North,So people there an plant many kind of fruits and vegetables and they can bring from Mexico and Canada ,and others countries too. We can be better in NYC if we can use the close planting housing and they way will help us to make fruits and vegetables easy to pay in any seasons.

  13. 1.) I don’t know where the food I eat come from. I eat a lot of fast food. I guess it’s local food that I eat. I also eat a lot of home cooked meals which prolly is international.

    2.) Best way to east locally is by growing food in your backyard. You could even find a small little property to make into your own little farm growing crops and all.

  14. 1)The foods we eat are mostly come the up start farms and the other places of the world, that because New York is a city their are many import goods that includes foods. So in many market you can see different languages in the food packages.

    2) that is no big fame in New York, so the way you can eat more locally is to grow your own produce. Therefore you have to spend more time to take care of it. For me I will not going to spend those time, because I think to bay it is more convenient to grow it.

  15. 1) I know where the food that I eat come from because when in my house I use fresh food but most of the products it’s international.
    2) the best way is by reading the product that you are buying

  16. I’m not sure where the food is coming from, but if in my point of view the food is coming from all over the country, probably from all over the world so people can have a little taste of everything, all fresh and more healthy.
    2- will be great to eat more locally because in those kind of market will have a little of everything and we’ll be more effective for our lives on healthy ways, I would not change anything, I support this idea. It’s fantastic to start a new way to live

  17. foods are coming from internationally from differents countrys so is really hard to tell which food are from where unless they have the list of ingredients to find out. Is hard to make a change because in NY We have no time to grown own food in yard to make it. Planting own food is needs to have space and time to spend which most of new yoker dont have time to do it.

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