Unit 4: Chapter 4 Project

After reading Unit 4: Chapter 4 of Urban Reader for College Writers do the following assignment:
Find a public school in NYC and another in any other American town. Look at both schools’ lunch pages. Find out what type of food choices are given to the students.
  • Make note of some of these choices and compare. (For instance, compare what both schools are serving on Wednesday this week.)
  • Which school has a healthier selection?
  • Which school do you think has a lower carbon footprint?
  • What could one or both of these schools change to improve their students’ health and their impact on the environment?
Finally, plan a set of school lunches for a week. You can imagine your schools is located anywhere in the country. Name where your school is and what age group or grade ranges you’re feeding.
Keep in mind:
  • What foods do you serve and why?
  • What healthy options does your school serve?
  • Does your school have a low or high carbon footprint?
  • Will the students actually eat the food you provide?
  • Will the school be able to afford to provide the food you’re planning to serve?
  • What challenges did you face in planning your lunches?

Type a document answering the first set of questions (comparing the schools), your lunch plan for a school week, and include answers to the second set of questions.

On Thursday, you will present your menu to your classmates and turn all of this in.


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