Unit 5: Chapter 2 Homework

Read Unit 5: Chapter 2 of Urban Reader for College Writers and answer these two questions as a comment to this post before class on Tuesday:

What green initiatives do you know about in New York City? Look into places like Chelsea Piers, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, or general initiatives in the city as a whole and tell your classmates a bit about what you learned. Don’t write about the same thing one of your classmates has already covered.

What are two more green initiatives you think  New York City, New York City businesses, or New York City residents should implement? (Try not to say the same thing as your classmates.)

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  1. Dug-gal Greenhouse is private waterfront patio located in Brooklyn Navy Yard. This Greenhouse is a laboratory in new technology, utilizing solar energy, organic air purification and Eco friendly building practices.

    .New York Residents should come together and start a program were people can address climate change, energy use in buildings – including homes, schools, workplaces, and stores representing roughly 70 percent of citywide greenhouse gas emissions. To lower these emissions, the city needs to upgrade buildings to be more energy efficient and power our buildings with renewable sources of energy. By doing so, we will make it cheaper and easier ,so we create new jobs and businesses and also advancing sustainability.

  2. to be honest i dont know much about green initiatives places but i know about this program in new york which name is GrowNYC, is the sustainability resource for New Yorkers: providing free tools and services anyone can use in order to improve our City and environment this help to understand people the importance of our environment and create new sources of technology.. now they thinking of use using solar energy on public spaces so people learn more about it.
    new yorkers should create more programs like that so every body could cooperate and learn the fact that going green and using more renewable sources is very important. in my point of view people need to join to this programs because this city is house and we need to care of it somehow and should be more focus on the idea of using solar system

  3. One green initiatives could be greening the whole city by learning how to recycle. It’s a huge concept as a New Yorker if everyone recycle their paper or plastic into proper place this could help New York to become evergreen. Another green initiatives could be drinking tap water instead of buying them. Because New York has the best tap water and if we find or see any dirty water we must contact with the people whoever is responsible for cleaning the water to drink water safely and cleanly instead of buying them. If we buy bottle water and don’t recycle the plastic bottle this might create a big problem. So recycling is very important which all New Yorker should be aware of.

  4. One green initiatives that i know in NYC is the Kick-off Green JumpStart NYC. It addresses the market gap in qualified talent to fill carbon trading, investment, risk management, and project development roles across the green sector, the City will launch Green JumpStart NYC, a training program to assist displaced or entrepreneurial junior to mid-level employees in exploring opportunities in carbon trading and related green finance jobs. The program run by SUNY’s Levin Institute will offer a training “boot camp,” after which participants will be offered a 10-week unpaid fellowship with a green company with the potential of converting to full-time employment.

    New York Residents should unite and start a program addressing about the energy use in buildings such as houses, schools, and workplace representing 70 percent of a citywide greenhouse gas emissions. In order to lower these emissions, the city needs to upgrade the buildings to have more power with renewable sources of energy. Therefore, it will become cheaper and easier. As a result, we can create new jobs and businesses to be more advancing.

  5. In China, one called Green code in Shanghai is a Green initiatives. As we all know, the air pollution is a serious problem for Chinese. Green code always organize some protecting activities for people. They also advertise their idea about environment in the street and TV speech. Protecting the environment is not only by our government, and all of the world the people also need to have the attitude. For instance, people should reduce to use fossil resource, because after burring, the fossil will produce the green gas to break our air. In addition, people need to protect the forest because wood will reduce the green gas and they can make the green gas become oxygen that people can not be without for life.

  6. One green initiatives I know is Citi Bike. In New York City, Most people have cars, they drive the cars to work, school and travel. When people drive a car, these cars will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, which pollutes our air fresh. If people ride bicycles instead of driving, it will reduce carbon dioxide to improve our air.
    I think New York City residents should implement green backyard. Most people have a house with a backyard. But some backyards are empty, it does not have any plants. These residents should plant some trees and flowers, fill their backyards, then these plants will produce fresh air to residents. It is not only beneficial to the residents , but also to the environment. In addition, I think New York City should reduce the use of non-renewable resources, and increase the use of renewable resources.

  7. Healthy Exchange is a green markets that only carry healthy food. Many people come from all around the city to but healthy food from there. In 2015 they exceeded $918,000 sell and the sell is increasing everyday.

    Some of the thing New York City residents should implement is growing more vegetable in their backyard or at to roof top. Also, try to eat more healthy and organic food. It will be better for their health and they can stay healthy and its better for environment.

  8. 1/A Greener, Greater New York:
    -Any kind of challenging climate, a growing population, aging infrastructure, and evolving economy with increasing inequality pose challenges to out city’s success and quality of life. So this initiative helps us fight against those challenges and help us make resposes to these challenges and including these it also take action to make climate change less painful for people and also it helps preparing people for any future bad incidents or tragedies.

    Ready new York:
    -It’s an Emergency Management’s public education campaign and encourage New Yorkers to learn about the Hazards they may face and prepare for all types of emergencies by writing an emergency plan. NYC Emergency Management can send knowledgeable staff members to educate your community.

    Chelsea pier:
    -Chelsea Piers has made a commitment to environmental best practices, including: the purchase of energy from renewable resources; reduced consumption of energy and water; use of healthful and sustainable indoor and outdoor materials; proper supply chain management to ensure we are working with Eco-friendly partners and vendors; and effective recycling strategies to minimize our carbon footprint. Sustainable practices are an integral part of our business operations. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is consistent with our commitment to providing a clean, safe, friendly and fun destination for all of our visitors and customers.

    2/ I think New York city and city business should implement “Chelsea piers” and “a greener and greater New York”. Since “Chelsea piers” helps making new things out of wastes by this way there is less air pollution and by recycling plastic and others wastes that could be recycled. And this also new way to have energy. Like its’s a source of energy making without making no harm to climate.
    On the other hand “A greener and greater New York ” helps the country of people to get prepared for any upcoming bad incidents or tragedy. So people know how to response to those problems when the situation takes place.

  9. One green initiatives that I know in NYC is the use of Green Energy.
    Green energy is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.
    Energy sources have an impact on the environment. Concerns about the greenhouse effect and global warming, air pollution, and energy security have led to increasing interest and more development in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, wave power and hydrogen. New York residents should start more programs using more renewable sources focusing on the used of solar energy. In conclusion solar energy is a powerful source that can help our planet by giving us clean, reusable energy to power our world.

  10. One green initiatives that i know in New York City is PlaNYC 2030. This initiative is Michael R. Bloomberg announced in 2007. PlaNYC 2030 is officially known as a “sustainability plan” aimed at improving the life of New Yorkers. It is divided into six main areas of focus— Land, Water, Transportation, Air, Energy and Climate Change.

    I think new york city residents should less driving, more riding a bicycle or take subway to work or hangout. This can reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. In addition, each family should use less air conditioning or stop a day heating using to reduce the greenhouse effect and air pollution. The government should plant more and more green to help the air quality in New York. These measures can make the New York people have a better life and the environment.

  11. DCAS Energy Management is energy initiative in New York City. They manage the green energy for the city, and their aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from municipal buildings and operations 80% by 2050. Thus, they provide energy to hundreds agencies, municipal buildings, and schools. One interesting fact is that they created EMI training program in partnership with CUNY, and they allow employees in City agency and institutions to come to learn skills to handle the efficient energy operations.
    The city government should have more campaign, or advertisements about the green initiatives, the responsibility that people should take as a residents. Also, introduce how risk it is for the environment in NYC.
    The New York City businesses should arise to purify the city energy. If the city has a bunch of initiatives to work now, they can make a event which prevent NYC businesses launch products, which can pollute the environment. They need to show something as frontier to the business owners, or any working people.

  12. NYC Green Infrastructure Program
    It is a multi agency effort led by the Department of Environmental Protection. DEP and agency partners design, organize and protect the diverse of sustainable green infrastructure practices such as green roofs, rain gardens, and Right-of-way Bios-wales on City owned property such as streets, sidewalks, schools, and public housing. Green infrastructure promotes the natural movement of water by collecting and managing storm-water runoff from streets, sidewalks, parking lots and rooftops and directing it to engineered systems that typically feature soils, stones, and vegetation. This process prevents storm-water runoff from entering the City’s sewer systems. DEP is currently building green infrastructure in compliance with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requirements to reduce combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges into New York City’s water-bodies. DEP is also exploring the use of green infrastructure to reduce polluted runoff from reaching water-bodies through the separate storm sewer system. In addition to the benefits to water quality, green infrastructure also beautifies City streets and neighborhoods while improving air quality.

    Also, as US citizens or residences we all have to prevent the pollution from our city and country as well. For example, we can use carton bags instead of plastics bags. Moreover, we can go for voluntary in programs that helps keep our city clean and green. we can educated our ourselves and families and people in the community about the necessary of using materials which are Environment friendly.

  13. One green initiatives that I know is GrowNYC. The programs include: Greenmarkets, Office of Recycling Outreach and Education, and Community and NYC School Gardens. Also,this program is providing free tools and services anyone can use in order to improve the environment.

    New York Residents should to recycle those empty bottles, cans, and papers. We should have a good living habit and keep the environment clean.

  14. The one I know is GreeNYC, this program helps New Yorker take easy actions but make big impacts,this program make effect on both for themselves and for the city as a whole. GreenNYC help reducing energy use, eliminating waste and choosing a more sustainable lifestyle, New Yorkers will make their lives better for themselves and their families, the message for this program is to save money and make new york city the most sustainable big city in the world.

  15. One of thr green initiatives in new york city is Greenmarket Farmers which was founded in 1976 . Their mission to promote regional agriculture by providing small family farms the opportunity to sell their locally grown products directly to consumers. and to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to the freshest, most nutritious locally grown food the region has to offer. As today because of cheap market most of the food come from overseas which cause global warming by increasing co2 on atmosphere. As a result new York residents should come together to buy more locally grown fresh food which will be beneficial for our health and also for city environment. In addition new York residents can reduce burning fossil fuels by using more public transportation instead of private transaction because I believe it would help to keep environment safe. Finally the most important thing is we all have to responsible for the environment which mean we have to do this our own rether than wait to see some one else do for us .

  16. I only know few of the green initiatives and green businesses in New York City: Tesla, city-bike and industrial businesses alone the South Brooklyn waterfront. For instance, Tesla has a new technology to create a brand new solar panel that is cheaper, but much more efficient than solar panels in current market. This new type of technology can create enough renewable energy to support the electricity demands for daily usage. In addition, if roof of the companies or houses is higher enough and installed with multi-solar panels, it can generate more electricity and cost less than paying electrical bill.

    One of the green initiatives that I may recommend to New Yorkers is using electrical vehicles instead of using gasoline vehicles because it greatly reduces the GreenHouse effect.l
    Although, it is difficult to continued use for many hours without carrying multiple battery supplies, it can reduce the cost of monthly bill. Overall, you can save the environment while reduce your monthly bill.

  17. Some people are found living underground floors in New York. Many big cities; such Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, are also dense population like as New York. But no one lives underground in those cities. Underground levels are not suitable to live because insufficient ventilation and sanitation for people’s health. It is important to get enough fresh air and sun shine for human being.

    Moreover, cooking food in underground couldn’t meet adequate safety requirements for both of kitchen staff and their foods. More arrangements are needed sanitation system for underground kitchens. If underground kitchens are able to pull out, sanitation system will be easier and safety can be better.

    As describe above, implementation of no people living underground will improve healthier. It can save not only medical budget but sanitation system expenses also.

    Green initiatives for New York will be many ways. Increasing parking lots is also considerable source. If wide parking lots and multi-story parking are able to create on reasonable rates, drivers will park their cars safer place than streets. Moving vehicles are also easier driving, and peoples can to walk on the roads safely. This will reduces, such as, road accidents, expenses of vehicle maintenance, paying parking tickets, etc. If able to implement as describe, it can affect faster arrival to work places and desire destinations, safe improvement for road users.

    Mention above facts, no use of living places and kitchens in underground is a source of green initiatives. Increasing parking lots is also an important green initiative to implement for New York City.

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