Summer 2021 | Professor Goodlad + Professor Paruolo

Reflection, August 18

We explored the website and a significant about of vocabulary today. How might this information help you as you start your first semester of college at City Tech?


  1. Kaya

    Having knowledge on college vocabulary could help us with our first semester because when we sit in our lectures and the professors use the words, we will better understand what he or she is talking about and we wont be completely lost. It will also help us expand our vocabulary when talking to professors or writing college papers.

    • Evelyn Ng

      I like that you mentioned understanding the lectures better. Another instance where this would be helpful is when we talk to professors for advisement. They may also use some of the vocabulary words on this list.

  2. Olimpia

    With this information i know that learning these vocabulary words as I start my first semester of college at city tech will help me a lot, it will guide me to what’s important and to what i should know about what’s available at city tech or things they offer, or even words people use at campus or online that I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for the website. I know that if i didn’t explore the website as much as i did with the workshop i know it would’ve been difficult for me to be a normal student at city tech. It is nice to know that they have so much things to offer and know there are a lot of support to get from, just from a single website.

    • Evelyn Ng

      It’s great that you know what’s available at City Tech! Exploring the website is important because the information that you need such as contact information, or how to apply to something is most likely there. You just have to look in the right places.

  3. ashanti5

    I think that this information will help tremendously because having the knowledge of terminology and vocabulary words can help you in your specific career field, major or even just classes and people communication skills in general. It is also important to know what your school offers and keep up to date .

    • Evelyn Ng

      That’s right, communicating with others becomes much easier. If you ask someone for help and they can not help you they will most likely direct you to someone who can. City Tech offers a lot of support to students!

  4. Isaac Ortega

    With this information I will have an easier time understanding what professors are saying in their lectures, reading important information that City Tech gives me, as well as emailing a professor.

    • Evelyn Ng

      It’s great that you mentioned that the information can help with how to email a professor. Emailing a professor can be oftentimes scary but I hope that you gained some confidence in asking questions when sending emails. It’s important that we treat our professors with respect as we would like to be treated.

  5. Ali Abbas

    this might help me during the first year of college at city tech since i could use these vocab words for courses whenever i need help in classes. but also it good to use this type of vocab because you can become more fancy since you would know more and identify the certain places and people in college.

    • Evelyn Ng

      Certainly, you would appear more knowledgeable to be able to identify people and the places to go to for assistance. Most importantly you can get the help you need if you search for it or ask questions. I hope that you share some of your knowledge with your fellow first-year students who didn’t get to expierence City Tech 101!

  6. Cindy

    With the information we went through today it helps me grow my vocabulary usage. This also helps me out with what words the professors will use in their class. In the City tech website it helps me want to explore more of the page and lets me know how useful and helpful it would be in the future.

    • Evelyn Ng

      Happy that you learned lots of vocabulary today! I love that you said you want to explore more of the page in the future. Please do as the website has a lot of valuable information such as how to contact the financial aid office.

  7. Kiran

    Of course this information helped me a lot. As a first semester student in City Tech college I didn’t know more about city tech college. The college website exploration made me more familiar with college system. Vocabulary words is also very meaningful to me. These words are important and useful in our college life.

    • Evelyn Ng

      I’m glad that you find the vocabulary words meaningful. City Tech has a description of the programs it provides as well as how to apply. I’m glad it makes you feel more familiar with the college system and I hope that it helps you during your time here as a college student.

  8. Jeremy Chimborazo

    Exploring and looking over the website can be beneficial to us. Especially for the students who are starting college seeing as how the website provides information for students to get help and to understand it.

  9. Gabriel Mbamaonyeukwu

    this information can help me start my first semester by making me feel more prepared. The reason why i say that is because the vocabulary we went over today was helpful to me so i can get used to it and now i feel prepared.

  10. Jaelah

    Learning college-related terms can help us familiarize ourselves with our new surroundings. Since we are able to understand complex terms it makes speaking to our advisors or counselors such an easier task. It also provides a sense of self-awareness because you are more informed about your college career.

    • Evelyn Ng

      Love that you said that learning college-related terms can help us familiarize ourselves with our new surroundings. Sometimes people use college vocabulary and assume students know what they are talking about, if you ever forget or don’t know a word please do not be afraid to ask!

  11. stephanie shimon

    Understanding college vocabulary is essential to staying informed and aware of what is expected of you to do. Communication is key when building connections with students and teachers and knowing certain vocabulary words will give you a leg up during you college career.

  12. Jannatul elham

    Having knowledge on college vocabulary could help us with our first semester . And i got so many valuable information from the workshop. this information can help me start my first semester by making me feel more prepared.

  13. Kevin C

    Knowing these type of vocabulary will help us get through city tech because its words that will come up often during city tech and its better for us to know right now than later so we are more prepared

  14. Faizan

    Having a better understanding of college vocabulary will help me out because it can be a source of a guide. It can make my communication skills much more advanced.

  15. Derek

    Starting to use these words help us familiarize with some of the terms we are going to be using while we study at city tech or any other collage that uses similar words

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