Welcome to English 1101, Section 5359.

If you are reading this, then you know that the general aim of this course is to practice reading, writing, and critical thinking. We will practice this skills as we learn more about education, music, food, and the arts in New York City.

Our class is closely linked to two other course: Perspectives in Hospitality Management, taught by Professor Karen Goodlad, and Introduction to Food & Beverage Management, taught be Professor John Akana.

These three course comprise a Learning Community. A Learning Community is a first-year college experience in which the same set of students take classes together. The mission of our City Tech Learning Community is to create a shared first-year experience that emphasizes sharing, technology, and place-based learning. Each of these characteristics will become clearer as the semester progresses, but one thing that we really hope that you will take from this semester is the idea that courses that may seem very different actually share many important aspects, such as the need for critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

Our long term vision for this Learning Community is to leave you, the students, with a memorable learning experience that helps you to succeed in your profession–no matter what that may be.

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