Weekly Schedule


ENG 1101, Section 5359 LC

Shared Reading, Shared Experience, Shared Lunch


Oct 18, t          Free-write; Discuss shared reading in preparation for Food in the City Essay; Midterm Exam Review

Oct 20,r          Turn in Essay 3, prepare for Midterm Exam


Oct 25,t          Midterm Exam

Oct 27, r         Begin Essay 4: Comparison/Contrast Essay


Nov 1, t           Essay 4: choosing a comparison, examples

Nov 3, r           Library Research Session with Prof. Anne Leonard (City Tech Library)


Nov 8, T          Peer review for Essay 4

Nov 10, R        Final Draft due: Essay 4


Nov 9, T          Begin Research Essays (5 & 6)

Nov 11, R        Research methods and NYC background; Assign Journal #2


Nov 15, T        Free-write. Turn in Journal #2; Citations and Works Cited page discussion.

Nov 17, R        Free-write. Student example of Research Essay.


Nov 22, T        Discuss Portfolios Turn-in. Assign Journal #3.



Nov 29, T        Due: Journal #3. Peer Review of Research Essay.

Dec 1, R           Due: Portfolios.

Dec 6, t           Essays 5 and 6 Q & A

Dec 8, r           Due: Walking the City Essay (Annotated Bib #5, Essay #6) Due in class


Dec 13, R        Final Exam Day 1

Dec 15, r         Final Exam Day 2


Dec 20, r      Discussion and Performance (Last day of class)

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