A Recipe for Success

Hi Class,

My philosophy is that TIME is your greatest asset, and you must use it wisely to succeed in college.

Feel free to customize this recipe:

Nov 29: bring in a draft of your annotated bibliography with at least six entries. 2-4 hours.

Dec 1: Annotated Bibliography is finished–paving the way to start writing up your notes into the research paper. 2-3 hours.

Dec 3: Write two pages of research essay-2 hours.

Dec 5: Write two more pages of research essay -2 hours.

Dec 6: Revise and edit your 4 page essay -1 hour.

Dec 7: Edit and proofread your 4 page essay and your Annotated Bibliography – 1 hour.

Dec 8: Turn in Research Essay and Annotated Bibliography (Essays 5 and 6).



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