Andy Zempoaltecatl

My name is Andy Zempoaltecatl and i go by he/him . I really like to travel alot, i have visited about if not probably less than half of American but to me it feels like I’ve visited half the states. I really love going to mexico and I plan to go during the winter break hopefully and if not probably diring the mid winter break and if not then i know for sure during the summer. I also like watching movies and my favorite franchises are the Fast anf the Furious, Marvel and also horror movies at times. I also like going out alot and spending time with my girlfriend and her family. One thing that I’ve never expected to do but i did was this one time, when I found out there was a limited time figure that my girlfriend loved since shes an iron man fan and so I rushed to the mall and hopped there wasn’t a long time but when i got there thankfully it was still pretty short. I spent 4 hours in a mall without food trying to get it and when i got there I was the 5th to last person to get it and i surprised her and she was very happy with it. My major is Mechanical Engineer technology, but i also want to see more about business so i might at some point see it. I don’t really like coming to school but it’s something i need in order to get a job and future.


This photo is meaningful to me because I really didn’t talk much to my family like an everyday thing and so when my cousin asked me to be her chambelina for her 15th,ive gotten closer to my family and its just the family i could come to if I need help or anything because I know they have my back if anything were to happen. This photo was also meaningful to me because ive never had a party even for my birthday i never had one because its in December and for us Hispanics its the most busiest time of the year due to the religion and so there was never time for that, but anyways it means alot when family came to my graduation party and it was just an amazing day i had. This day is just one of those days I wont ever forget because of the amount of people that made it to my party and just I really had alot of fun that day.

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    4 hours atleast you got it

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