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Unit 3 Outline

Here are some links to help you with the outlines for the varied genres we spoke about in class. If there is not a link for a genre you are considering, please contact me asking for me to help you find one or to approve of the source you are using. Remember, it is important we make these as robust as possible in order for them to be great foundations for our work ahead.

How to create a photo essay: Step-by-step guide with examples



Example Instagram lecture plan

Unit 3 Proposal

Unit 3 Project Proposal

This project proposal will briefly describe what your Unit 3 assignment hopes to accomplish, why doing it is important, and how you intend to achieve doing it. In general terms, this post can help shape the path you may take with this unit by clearly defining the aspects below.

How to Structure your Unit 3 Proposals


This is a brief heading that accurately captures the nature of the proposed work. Example “Catwire: a video podcast about new tech for Cats”


This section will provide an all-encompassing foundation for Unit 3 that explains what you want to achieve and why it is significant.

Example: “My project is designed to reach out to a new audience of cat owners who are possibly Gen X or Millennials:

  • Introduce at least 1 piece of new tech that these cat owners can use
  • One product will be the Saolife Automatic Cat Laser Toy
  • Outline the advantages of using these products
  • Rate these items and/or show them being used”


Here you will provide the background context to work into your Unit 3 project. This will include a brief summary of what is already known about the topic as well. You can also express problems within the research you did for Unit 2 that may have resulted in the need for your Unit 3 choices.

Example: “There were no podcasts/video podcasts about tech made just for cats for my intended audience. There were tons of short Youtube video reviews, but they were too short and didn’t feel as if they explored the products as deeply as a 30-60 min podcast could”.

Ultimately, by the end of this section, we should recognize the originality of your proposed work and understand the need for it to be created.


This highlights how you will keep your project focused and achievable.

For example, you might explain that you are limiting your work to a location such as “in the United States”, to a group such as “Millennials and Gen X” or to a time period such as “from 2020-2023”.

You should also explain what is out of scope, for example “ Baby Boomers”.


This section should include the expected effects and benefits of your Unit 3 assignments. It is important that these be specific and realistic.

Example: “Outcomes of this project will include:

  • Produce at least one or two 20-30 min video podcast/s
  • The podcast will include video of the entire recording showing the host/s
  • Cut in footage of the Saolife Automatic Cat Laser Toy being used by at least 1 cat
  • Review the product in detail”.


You should list what research you will be bringing over from your Unit 2 assignment to be used for this project. You do not have to use all your sources and/or have to include anything new at this stage, but it may be beneficial to use at least one source from the previous unit so we aren’t starting at square one.

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