The James Bond video by Dr. No and the Apple video had more in common since they had similar color schemes, especially with the green and the red. The videos use soft colors to represent certain parts of the audio. In the dancing scene of the James Bond video, there were lively colors being used to express the tone of the audio. The videos interact with the color spaces, constantly using changing colors and the moods of the audio to interact with each other as well as using colors that works with each other. The colors from the Saul Bass video also, had similar features as the James Bond and Apple videos such as similar colors and the interaction of colors and movement in sync with the audio of the video. I believe that the way Apple created and used its own promo video is more effective since there was more thought put into it. It also showed a sign of a huge improvement and creativity was put into the video compared to the lady with the hammer video that they started off with.

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