Today in class, we virtually visited Nassau County Museum of Art Blue Exhibition. For this assignment we were told to choose three of the art pieces that caught our eyes from the exhibition.

The first piece that caught my eye was “Blue Storytelling Lessons.” I chose this art piece as my top three because of the use of the different shades of blue. The way the artist used the blue was very smart because each section of the dark areas uses a more darker blue, and when I looked around to the lighter parts where light hits the person and horse, I noticed a brighter blue. The use of one color while adding texture and depth to the piece must have been hard to do but it works wonderfully together.

For my second art piece, I chose a more simplistic piece, known as “Blue. A Virtual Tour with Director Charles Riley.” This piece caught my eye because of the use of the blue in just three spots and leaving the negative space. The blue looks similar to a purple and the eyes and mouth look from a jack-o-lantern with the use of the blue which I believed caught my attention the most. The use of the negative space made me stare at the image longer to see if the creator used the negative space to display a different kind of perspective besides the jack-o-lantern look that I saw.

“Blue Landscapes Lesson” was the final piece that I chose also caught my eyes because at first I thought it was just a blob of blue in the center surrounded by black but I then realized that the entire piece was blue. When I viewed the image longer, I noticed that the piece started as darker blue at the ends and move into a more softer blue going into the center of the piece. I found it really interesting because its not perfectly the same amount of one shade of blue around the entire piece. The more I stared at it, I noticed that the colors doesn’t necessarily repeat around the entire piece.

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