2 thoughts on “Project7 – Form and Space sketch

  1. nice job Z! I’m curious how you felt about this project and if your drawing skills were enhanced by interjecting the Adobe Illustrator extruded shapes to forms. I like the use of layering, gradation of scale, and wire frame/transparency rectangles.
    I would consider a bit more value contrast in the future to the edges of the colored forms to see the light/shadow more clearly, and perhaps use softer shading technique to do away with the textured look in the colored pencil areas. PErhaps a blending tool.
    Great job!

    • uhm…this project is interesting that lets me learn how to use the 3D tool in Illustrator. Moreover, that is a very useful reference object ( 3D shapes I have created in Illustrator) when I try to draw them out in the sketch paper.

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