Internship Blog #7

Today I want to talk about what I was discussing with my internship advisor and owner of NetComFix. Earlier in this semester he had discussed working on a clients website that is a start up limo company that takes the inputs of the customers information and sends email’s of confirmations about what time and date the customers will be requiring the service. It’s interstateride and I’m soon to create some concepts for the logo for the company.

It was interesting to hear about how he set up the database for the company using MySQL. I was learning about how to set up a database in C-panel and how using php to send the users information to an email account. When I saw the website is was very basic and plain and immediately asked him if I could work on the logo. Once I get the files I will update this blog with photos of the original Logo and One that I plan to make for the company.

I’m glad I have the freedom to learn while working for netcomfix because I can learn new things about the more technical side of web development. Working on an already created website has made it interesting to find parts of the website I am looking for within such large files.  Sometimes if the company is using a template such as wordpress it can be easier, however this website is using twitter bootstrap as a framework for the website so learning that has been interesting.