Creative App Review #1(Orginally posted 10/14/2019 on openlab)


The App I am going to review is one that looked really interesting to me and it’s called SimpleMind+ .What caught my attention about this app was that it relates to a creative problem all people who work in design have. That’s the ability to process lots of information and organize it in a concise logical way in order to be more creative and create something that relates back to our message. Mind Map is a nice way to organize ideas we have on a project and see how they relate to our central or core concept.

These are screenshots from my phone. The left has different templates to choose from and on the right is an example of how it works. it’s really cool for organizing ideas and for any creative is a great way to show relationships to a central idea.

You also have the ability to write yourself invisible notes that do not appear on the screen, but serves kinda like mental notes to yourself.

The one on here is the most basic one, has extra features for a price, such as putting your files on dropbox, adding photos etc… the website is For the basic features however is still nice and I could see this being really useful on an iPad or tablet.