I haven’t really gotten around to talk about a webinar or podcast I’ve listened to recently but I’ll quickly summarize one very interesting video that relates to design and to a problem I’ve faced in my own design work recently with my own projects. I do watch a lot of videos and podcasts on graphic design and tech videos. One that stood out to me is by Will Patterson and one of his videos on YouTube was about the google logo called What’s WRONG With The NEW Google Logo???  I also included the Nintendo switch logo as another example because if you see, it looks like they are symmetrical, but they are not. They are not equal in width and that’s to create visual balance.

He talks about how in type, some things need to look good OPTICALLY. This concept I didn’t truly understand until recently when working on my own project for senior project. The G for the google logo is not a full circle, and that’s not a mistake. Honestly, this concept is still something that confuses me. What’s optically good is not based on math, so it’s based on vision and compensation of different elements within the type. I’ve seen other videos on this topic in podcasts though this video was fresh in my mind when I saw it recently and thinking about it is definitely important in design that I thought I would use this to discuss something I learned from content online that relates to design.