Internship blog #8

I’m going to update some things I’ve learned about doing my internship lately. I just completed my full 120 hours working for NetComFix and I have to say I got along really well with Mr. Iftikhar, the manager, and owner of NetComFix. He really let me take my time and get familiar with the websites he had in the works, and I told him I will keep helping him out with future projects and he will pay me as well which is nice.

I had mentioned earlier that he had me doing work for a client with a limo/transportation service called Interstate Ride. I had been designing some logo concepts and had already begun working to layout the website with the owner. Below is some screen of the website’s main page. It’s really cool however to discover things like importing API’s into your page to make the website more interactive, such as putting maps so people can search their destination.


Unfortunately after spending a good amount of time trying to get this project started, I had to give it up and stop working on it because of issues the client and owner were having where the client had lost some important files that were to be on the site and it sounded like wanted to put it off for awhile, so Mr. Iftikhar had me stop working on it and we will come back to it later possibly. It still had some filler text in it and far from complete. We were using bootstrap for the grids.