Creative App #2

The app I am going to talk about today is called Sketchbook by autodesk.  I really like this app because of it’s UI. I have adobe suite and use illustrator a lot lately for my senior project and took an advanced Illustrator course so I am well familiar with Illustrator and I know why vector is used for, but this app is wonderful for just sketching out ideas before you get to that stage. It’s just good for drawing in general. it has many different styles of brushes and pencils and has a really cool user interface.

It’s available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It’s also free! The fact that it’s so versatile is such a great perk. You can digitally sketch ideas out anywhere you are. I tested it with a real Wacom tablet and it’s great with taking pressure sensitivity to the tablet to the screen. Below is a snapshot of how it looks like when you open it up.

Above is the desktop version, and as you can see it has a really easy to use interface. It works similar to how photoshop and illustrator work in terms of how layers are used and layered. Not everyone has access to an ipad pro so it’s a much better option of you just want to use an android tablet or an Iphone or older Ipad.