Final Project Brief

Summary: The article speaks about the intense abuse and cruel treatment of animals, mainly dogs and cats on the fur farms in China who is the largest exporter of fur garments to the United States. The article goes on to say foxes, minks, rabbits, dogs, cats, and other animals pace and shiver in outdoor wire cages, with no shelter from driving rain, freezing nights, or the scorching sun. The article speaks about the after leaving in such deplorable conditions the animals are skinned and their fur is used to make various products.

  1. The article is overall very informative. The mood is serious and evokes a sense of compassion for the treatment of the animals.
  1. My audience is people that wear fur garments as well as people who do not.
  1. My approach will be metaphorical than literal.
  1. I believe that I may use models as well as still life to bring out my ideas.
  1. I’m thinking of using female models.
  1. I will also use stuff animal of a dog and cat, jacket and boots.
  1. I will try bright light with 2:1 ratio and also a very dark mood with a 4:1 light ratio and maybe strobe light as well.
  1. High contrast. I want to the focus to be mainly on the objects and not the model.

Results: For shoot one I believe that I was able to show the meaning of the topic in some ways. Interesting enough it’s very hard to capture a specific sympathetic mood using stuff animals yet I was able to use additional props to somewhat show case the idea. Also, I used various lighting to bring out a somewhat dramatic feel.

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