Project Brief : The Real Meaning of Christmas


01. Summary: This article talks all about the joys of christmas and the different experiences we go through when the holiday is approaching. It also talks about that not many people are fortunate enough to experience this, and it also may be a time of sorrow. For various reasons, such as not having enough money to buy presents to your loved ones or not able to share quality time with them. Yet, this season shares great joy. Because, what Christmas really is celebrating the day the Jesus Christ was born. God send his son and many others shared their delight of this great event. The article talks about the reason being this was done. It mentions that “He sent Jesus to us that one day, He would grow up to become a very important part of history. His story is one of truth, love, and hope.” But what I really enjoyed about this article is the positive attitude towards Christmas. No matter what is happening, we are reminded that we are Gods children, its a time to live in joy and peace. The reason for the season is to rejoice! In conclusion, the article shows a certain gloomy mood and then afterwards hits you with a chance to feel aspiration towards this holiday by looking at in another way.

02. Target Audience: All ages, I want everyone to see this photograph and understand that Christmas may have its up and down sides but the real reason, is to know that we are loved by God. It shows that great love we have for one another, which is something worth celebrating to.

03. I believe my approach would be metaphorical, I want to show two different types of Christmas experience, but I want to also show the overcome of choosing happiness and peace. Rather than a sad holiday in someone’s life.

04. I believe my images would work best if its a still life photography. The reason being, I want to include so many elements that take a part in the festivities. Such as, ornaments and cards in the mail.

05. My photoshoot ideas won’t include models (as of now). I don’t think it will be necessary.

06. I would like to use ornaments or presents that would show different types of associations of Christmas and what takes part in the celebration.

07. I would want to do try many types of lighting, because I want to show different types of Christmas experiences. I am considering in using a softbox to create certain effects.

08. I think I would want to do a shallow depth of field and possibly have a lot of darkness all around the images, but the focus would be one a bright and joyful component.


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