Final Project Brief: “Video-Game Rehab: It’s Real, It’s Awkward, and It Might Be Our Future” by Ben Dolnick (GQ Magazine)

The Article:

1. Summary:  The article is about a guy name Callum, a World of Warcraft fanatic with an regular office job, most of his life is spending long night playing Warcraft till the sun come up at his office computer. When the morning would dawn, his would sneak into his home so his mom mistake the entrance for the housekeeper. Even though his gaming habits weren’t as bad in his teenage years, it worsened through his college and adult life; to the point that he was doing poorly in college and dropped out of Southern Methodist University. After dropping out, his mother’s boyfriend spotted him a job as a legal aide in his law firm, running errands and helping with the firm, he used World of Warcraft as a the only part of life outside of his aide job. Callum would spend 20 minutes at the job doing legal aide work and the rest was blacking out on his Warcraft life, ranking in the top 10 in the world and using $2000 of his savings account on a PC. From dusk to dawn, his life pertained to his normal nine to five job and his addiction to World of Warcraft.

2. My audience would more pertain to the ages of 20-30, young adults both males and females

3. My approach would be metaphorical with both the portraits and props.

4. It would include mainly models, and still life as well as an alternate.

5. The models would be both males and females to keep it universal to all people.

6. The objects would be video game controllers, headsets, a laptop.

7. I would use strobe lighting, with a 4:1 lighting ratio to bring more drama to the shoot.

8. The technique would need to give me a dark tone for my shoot, the strobe lights and a depth of field to work with both the props and models





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