Final Project Brief: Soda vs. Water

The Article:

Summary: The article ” Water vs. Soda Pop” by Elle Paula is extremely informative. The article is essentially a list stating the benefits of drinking water. It’s quite self-explanatory. The article covers everything from water improving our moods to water increasing our endurance.

2: My audience ranges from 20-50. This is because the article discusses people who are athletic and active.

3: My approach will be literal. The photographs will show the direct effects of drinking water as opposed to soda.

4: My images must include people. Their facial expressions and body positions will be key.

5: I can literally use anybody.

6: N/A

7: I will use broad lighting and butterfly lighting. Broad lighting will be used for the water shots and butterfly lighting will be used for the soda shots.

8: I particularly want the soda shots to look somewhat dull. The subject must have a dull face expression and I’d like for the background to be black. I want the water shots to be in front of a white background. The subject will be energize, hydrated, and happy!

Results of 1st shoot: I believe the pictures came out successful and accurately depicted the tone and mood I was going for. Both of my models handled their tasks really well!

Result of 2nd shoot: The 2nd shoot was specifically to photograph a water bottle and can of soda. The water shot should be enlightening and “airy” while the soda shot should be dark and grim. Everything went as planned!

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