Project Breif – Faux Flowers

Title of Article: Why Faux Flowers Are Really Chic?  By LINDSEY TAYLOR:

  1. I feel like the mood in this article is, cheerful, and fun. It is making you see something in a different way. Making the use of “tacky” faux flowers, into beautiful and stylish.
  2. My audience are stylist, crafty people. People who like home decor, or decor in general.
  3. My approach is literal. Showing people that it is now “stylish” to use faux flowers instead of real flowers.
  4. Still life photography is right for my idea.
  5. If I did use a model, it would have to be a female.
  6. Faux flowers, vases, candles, books, (make it have home decor vibe)
  7. I would like to use bright light. Maybe a 2 to 1 lighting ratio.
  8. I would like something bright, to sense that the flowers are in a home, next to a window.

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