Social Media Addiction

‘Social Media Addiction is a Bigger Problem Than You Think,’ was describing people and their social media addictions. They spoke about a site called which encourages people to not use Facebook for 99 days. But, many couldn’t make more than a few days. People are addicted to social media because they are afraid of missing out of whats going to happen the days they are not on social media. This article also explains that the social media companies are engineered to make us more addicted to them everyday.

Image Ideas: I would like to use a dark background with the bright light of the phone in someones face, showing how addicted they are. Another idea I have is using two models, facing opposite sides of eachother on their phones. Also, using two models (as a couple) one on the phone and one being really upset. More ideas might come as we start the shoot.

Results: I did try to do my first idea, with a dark background with bright light on someones face but it was not working out how I wanted it to. So i ended up with a dark background with a playful, fun image. Clifford holding the phones that way was supposed to show addiction like playing a game of cards.

One thought on “Social Media Addiction

  1. rmichals

    Given the fact discussed in the article that companies engineer the sites to be addictive I like the sense of salesmanship or trickery in Clifford’s expression in your final image. he looks like he wants the viewer to play 3 card monte only with phones.


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