Health Care for All

Most health insurance companies are using photo’s of people who appear to be happy, showing it by smiling or having fun alone, in family/group photo’s,¬†either in portrait style photos ¬†or while doing activities or hobbies they seem to love. The photo’s use bright lights that highlight the model’s face. The ads themselves are bright with light or white backgrounds. The type is inviting and colorful to catch attention.What should be communicated by an image promoting the company Health Care for All are photos of healthy people who are happy to be where they are because they are insured. Their faces and attitudes should be highlighted to show their contentment. They should be close us to have a personal and inviting feel to it. During our photo session i will try to capture the bight and warm side of the model. I want the focus to be on the models smile.

Results: it’s definitely difficult to capture moments when you aren’t sure how to direct your model. This was challenging. One of the photos I like and will use will be one taken by another photographer :). It’s a group shot that shows confidence and comfort.

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