Topic Four: Headphones

Brand Summary: I’ve chosen to use Skullcandy headphones for this particular project. Since the beginning of Skullcandy, they’ve always marketed their colorful, street-art inspired headphones to people who are physically active. This includes skateboarders, snowboarders, skaters, etc. With every product release, they release a plethora of colors which appeal to their demographic. Skullcandy makes both over-ear headphones and inner-ear headphones. Lastly, I’ve chosen their brand because I’ve been a Skullcandy user for nearly a decade now.

PSA Summary: Essentially, young adults are listening to music using headphones three times as much as older individuals. Also, young adults who report heavy headphone use also report more hearing problems.

Image Ideas: To promote Skullcandy, my idea is to have a partner posing with the headphones and enjoying them. The subject must be “in the zone” and visibly smiling. Skullcandy’s ads are always vibrant and energetic, so my photography must reflect that.

Result: The lighting setup was tricky to perfect. My group had to use a large black board to block the light seeping from the ceiling lights above the computers. In addition, the camera settings were also a challenge to get right. I don’t have much experience using the light meter but I’m learning more and more about it with every class.

In terms of shooting the photography, I loved that we had the option to shoot in either a white or black background. I decided to use the black background for my hearing lose ad and the white background for the Skullcandy ad. This is simply because the different backgrounds convey different moods, tones, and attitudes.

1 thought on “Topic Four: Headphones

  1. rmichals

    I am surprised to read that the skullcandy image you used was shot on white. It just doesn’t look like that not only because the backgroundof the final image is dark but also because the shadows are deep. usually shooting on white also adds some reflected light and fills the shadows.

    The skullcandy image works well. Krystle looks happy and energetic. I would prefer if the shadows on her face were softer and brighter. I particularly like how the lines of sound go over her hands.

    I am not convinced by the hearing loss psa. The image reads as if it might be about depression.


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