Week 1

  1. Summary
    The article talks about the differences between Utility U and Utopia U in a college setting. Utility U focuses on getting return on your investment, and viewing college as useful. This view is looking at college from a financial viewpoint and looking at how the GDP can increase or how the society can benefit from people going to college. Utopia U, on the other side, is about a concept of perfection, an ideal of going to college for personal growth and to develop critical thinking. Utopia U focuses on college being a safe space without judgement and discrimination.

    2. Communication Problem 
    Utility U is more about developing hard skills while Utopia U is about developing a soul and soft skills and I believe this is what should be communicated in the images.

    3. Image Ideas
    Utility U – Focus on a person doing something practical that would be of financial value, usefulness
    Utopia U – Focus on a person looking fulfilled and having personal growth, looking up towards the sky. Or a person doing something they’re passionate about.

    4. Result
    I believe that the final images capture what I wanted to communicate in the photos. The Utility U photo shows a student working hard on practical, useful skills, while Utopia U portraits the student in a more dream-like state, while drawing – focusing on a passion.

    Links to photos:
    Utopia U
    Utility U

3 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. rmichals

    Your image ideas are somewhat specific. I like that you have thought about where the subject will look-up to the sky. I don’t see your work on Flickr so it is hard for me to judge your results.

    1. hege_b Post author

      Hi Professor,

      The photos are made private on my Flickr photostream, but they’re visible in the group for the class – we looked at them in class last Monday.

      1. rmichals

        Thanks for posting the links. It makes it so much easier for me.

        The camera angle is very important to each of these images. In one the camera looks up and in the other it looks down. the metaphors that go with looking up at and locking down on add an opinion to these photos.


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