Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1 OL89 | FAll 2020

Author: Tracy Truong

Lab: Week 4 – The Camera Meter

I tried using my phone(LG) but I noticed throughout the years my phone does not have much options when it comes to taking pictures. I didn’t see the sun on my LG phone camera, so I took these photos with my ipod. I did not know cameras on devices work that way, by adjusting the sun on the camera. I used my black sweatpants for the first 2 and a piece of paper from the last 2.

HW#3 Critique

I choose this photo because it really give off a feel of a Worm’s-eye view. I like how everything in the further back is blurry and how the camera is focus on one point. Just like when we walk, the things further ahead of us looks like a blur. I think this photo accurately portrays how a worm will see the world in his point of view.

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