Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1 OL89 | FAll 2020

Author: Deandre Barnett (Page 3 of 5)


For this assignment i decided to capture flowers knowing that they give off nice contrast and gradient. These photos are of plants that i captured in my personal backyard. As you can see, sunlight directs towards the plant providing highlight or shadow. I then, alter the exposure to display a light and dark contrast


To get a different tones on these objects I chose to adjust the lighting exposure to project a darker or lighter effect.

Partner critique

Photorapher: Ariana Dejesus

This photo projects a great capture of strong leading lines. This angle makes me believe that the wall is never ending. I like the way the photographer chose to crop into the wall giving it an infinite look. It also shows rules of thirds by displaying the door knob in the lower left quadrant.

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