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Exhibit Review

We visited the Museum of the City of New York and looked at two exhibits, the first was a gallery of photographs from Thomas Holton, Annie Ling, and An Rong Xu, the next exhibit featured Stanley Kubrik’s photography. The atmosphere … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

The way I was able to take this picture of Maria was by having her in the shade with the flash on. The flash was on a 200mm zoom to make the flash on her face as much as possible. … Continue reading

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Motion Blur and Frozen Motion

The first image showcases a shot of frozen motion which was shot at an ISO of 1600, and an exposure time of 1/500 of a second. The model, Maria threw her scarf above her and the picture makes it look … Continue reading

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HW 1

“The Women’s March”, 2017 – Matthew Pillsbury This photograph taken by Matthew Pillsbury, named “The Women’s March” really caught my eye with how pleasing it was to look at. The vibrant color that fills only half the photo with the contrasting … Continue reading

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What makes a great photograph? I believe a photograph needs a focal point, good lighting, clear perspective, focused and not blurry and in some cases vibrant colors depending on the type of picture. Some photos should be able to tell … Continue reading

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