Your Bio For Your Online Portfolio


As part of the assignments listed on the e-portfolio presentation page, you will need to write a 2 paragraph bio of yourself.

Start working on a bio that gives the reader a strong sense of you as a developing artist and student.

See the following sites from previous students for examples of bios:

  • Carlos Cruz Villagomez Bio
  • Yarlin Zappata Bio
  • Selena Julian Bio
  • The Grading

    I will be grading your project with this in mind:

    • WRITING > 30 points
      Your writing should be clear and with perfect spelling.
    • ORIGINALITY OF THE STYLE > 30 points
      Your thoughts and reflexions about the way you present yourself should be informative, personal and original. 
    • PRESENTATION > 30 points
      Simple but nice and maybe with a fun and creative self portrait 
    • PUNCTUALITY > 10 points
      Respect the deadline. If you have issues with it, don’t hesitate to talk to me.

    TOTAL > 100 points