Brand Logo Analysis



Choose one logo from 30 of the Most Recognizable Brand Logos of All Time and write your first draft with your list of things you want to address.



If you need help don’t hesitate to talk to me during class or write me an email. I am also available during my office hour on Tuesday after the class from 11.20pm to 12.20pm in room P117.

What To Talk About

Here are some questions to help structure your research, things you should address:

  • Who is the designer who created the logo?
  • Develop your research, what else did the creator of this logo design?
  • What is the idea and creative process in the design?
  • What typeface is used in the logo and what it expresses?
  • What are the colors and the reasons of their selection?
  • How the logo has changed through the years, explain its evolution.
  • Where can we see the logo on the products and advertising campaigns and how is it placed and sized? Include photos with examples.
  • Has the brand had an important role in the popular culture? Is it associated with other brands, celebrities, seeing in movies, videos?
  • Did the design/brand influence and inspired other logos since its creation?


To help you identify a font you can use the What The Font app.

How To Write About Your Research

  • Write a summary of the information that you have learned.
  • The assignment should be 4 typed paragraphs, each paragraph being 4 or 5 sentences long.
  • Make sure to do spell check and pay attention to your sentence structure and punctuation.
  • Have visuals of the logo to accompany your text. If the logo has evolved, show more than one visual depicting this evolution with captions below each image.
  • Discuss the color and typeface of the logo.
  • Provide at least 5 sources and incorporate them in your text as hyperlinks.
    Here is an example how to do it: “see the blog Highsnobiety about the Levi’s logo history “.
  • Provide photo credits for all your images.
  • Use your own words in your text – see the description of plagiarism in your Student Handbook.

How To Present Your Project

The project is going to be done in 2 parts.

  • First part will be presented on a letter size PDF format and sent to my email.
    Use your name and the brand you chose for title. Example: valeria-trucchia-levis
  • After I read your project and send you back my suggestions you will revise it and post it on your eportfolio.
  • Post it directly in the text of the webpage and upload images, graphics, videos.
  • Design it with simple ideas that makes it easy and interesting to read. Use typography, great large images, color backgrounds. Imagine you are presenting your research in front of clients (or the class) and need to catch their everyone attention.
  • Make your presentation look good and have fun with the design.

The Grading

I will be grading your project with this in mind:

  • Originality of your logo choice  > 10 points
    The logo and the company should have an interesting background and history. 
    The concept and design should be graphically good and well thought through. 
  • Writing > 20 points
    Your writing should be clear and with perfect spelling.
  • Critical Thinking > 20 points
    Your thoughts and reflexions about what what you have learnt should be informative, personal and original. What did you find interesting? What did you discover? What surprised you?
  • Research > 20 points
    Be inventive and smart with your research and find your personal angle. Do not just read material from Wikipedia or Pinterest. Do a search with different words, not just “logo history”. When you find info with names of people related to the brand do a search associated with the brand. Example “Apple and Steve Jobs”. 
  • The presentation and design > 20 points
    This is a very important part. Not only your content has to be interesting and clear, but the way you present it has to be done with intention and good presentation. When your thoughts and knowledge on the subject are clear, the presentation will come together easily and nicely. 
  • Punctuality > 10 points
    Respect the deadline. If you have issues with it just talk to me.

TOTAL > 100 points


Watch the video on the blog Highsnobiety about the Levi’s logo history and listen to Jonathan Cheung, the Head of design of Levi’s, talking about the many interpretations of the logo.

The history of Tesla and look of their logo design.

Here are some past student projects that look great and are interesting to read:

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