Readings On Color and Digital Imaging

Readings in Digital Media Primer:

  • Complete Chapter 2 “Fundamentals in Digital Imaging”.
  • Read Chapter 3:
    “Capturing Images by Digital Photography”
    Selection Tools in Image Editing Programs” p.81
    “Printing the Final Image” p.85
    “Optimizing the final Image for Web” p.88

Watch and Listen


In the book “The Secret Lives of Color” by Kassia St. Clair” read the chapters:

  • “Color Vision” p.13
  • “Building the Color Palette” p.21
    (You can read these chapters on Amazon by clicking the “Look Inside” feature).

Read the articles:

  1. The Science of why no one agrees on the color of that dress”
  2. When to Use Spot Colors Versus Process Colors (Or Both)
    How design and budget affect color printing

  • Read the following sections on the Microsoft Typography site “About Fonts” section. Specifically, read the sections that explain OpenType, Clear Type and Truetype at:

OpenType® overview

TrueType overview

Microsoft ClearType overview

  • Read this article on the Apple site regarding Font Book