Video Project


Here is a list of what your video should be and have:

  • Length: 30 seconds or shorter.
  • Subject: your auto bio, depicting yourself as an artist and a student.
  • Have a title with your name. End the video with credits, your name as director.
  • Have music incorporated into it at one point. Can be at the beginning or at the end.
  • Post it on YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive and a link it to your openLab site.
  • Write a paragraph explaining the assignment and what you learned from doing this assignment, what challenges you faced, etc.

You can show yourself talking or/and have a slideshow of some of your favorite work.

Do you remember the questionnaire game from the first class with all the questions?  You can use some of the questions and answer.

See the video below with artists talking about their work for inspiration. 

Reminder: Your textbook covers the basic interface of Premiere in Chapter 7 of your text.

Below is the link to a detailed tutorial on Editing your Video Project given by Michael Cannetti, one of our COMD Computer Lab Technicians. Mr. Cannetti teaches a section of Intro to Film & Video and he provides you with an overview of key aspects of Premiere.

There are many tutorials on Youtube, you can edit your video using iMovie or use an app such as the ones listed in this list of the latest free video editing Apps.

The Grading

I will be grading your project with this in mind:

  • Originality of your subject  > 10 points
    The choice of your portrait should be original and show your personal style.
  • Concept and Narrative > 20 points
    Your film should nicely reflect the subject and tell a story.
  • Typography > 20 points
    The title and end credits should show mastering and originality. 
  • Editing > 20 points
    The editing should reflect the quality of your story telling with a combination of camera movements, cuts, and sounds.
  • Creative Use of Technology > 20 points
    Be inventive, smart and show an innovative use of filming, graphics and sounds. I hope to be surprised.
  • Punctuality > 10 points
    Respect the deadline. If you have issues with it don’t hesitate to talk to me.

TOTAL > 100 points