Welcome! My name is Carlos Cruz Villagomez and I am currently a Communication Design student in  City Tech.

Born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx; it’s been quite challenging for my parents to raise my sister and I. Parents who migrated from Mexico wanting a better life than what they originally had in their country. I would always be interested in sports as I continued to grow. My interest for Editing began when I was fifteen years old. I would play video games, record the gameplay, download the gameplay, and then edit the clips. I would watch tutorial videos on how to edit on Imovie. I would try editing different clips, not just video game content and I am continuing to learn more as time goes by.

Photography also interested me as I began to use a Canon Camera. My girlfriend and I began to do photoshoots of each other in different spots around New York City. I began to edit the photographs on Adobe Lightroom and on Adobe Photoshop. As I continued to use and work on these programs…I was capable of learning new techniques. Furthermore, my interest in Photography and Videography raised. I hope I can continue learning about these programs and learn about graphic design. I’m excited to see what’s to come in my next two years in City Tech.