Week 6: Self-evaluation

During this week, my supervisor was getting more than one photoshoot a day. Luckily, she has an amazing team that had her back and was able to help her throughout the day. At this point in the internship, I was able to notice a few things about myself. I was able to remember how to properly pack and load the gear that’s needed for the photoshoot. My supervisor likes things done a certain way and us, as her team will always have to load the gear her way. In the few weeks as her intern, I listened carefully and gained her trust especially with her expensive gear. Gaining her trust is a huge plus because it showed how quickly I was able to learn and adapt in a setting that I wasn’t familiar with.

At some point, her crew members also had told me that I was a quick learner and that I would remember the steps in order to load up the gear. At first, it was tough to load up and prepare for a photoshoot since I wouldn’t know the equipment well. However, I made it a goal for me to try and remember how to properly set up and make sure the gear being used doesn’t get mishandled.