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Peter McKinnon: The Bucket Shot

A second photograph from Peter McKinnon’s album was the ideal to use for the quote project as well. I had the idea to expand the quote in form of a camera and center it in the photo. This famous photograph is considered to be the “Bucket Shot” because of the outstanding positive feedback this photo has.


Welcome! My name is Carlos Cruz Villagomez and I am currently a Communication Design student in  City Tech.

Born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx; it’s been quite challenging for my parents to raise my sister and I. Parents who migrated from Mexico wanting a better life than what they originally had in their country. I would always be interested in sports as I continued to grow. My interest for Editing began when I was fifteen years old. I would play video games, record the gameplay, download the gameplay, and then edit the clips. I would watch tutorial videos on how to edit on Imovie. I would try editing different clips, not just video game content and I am continuing to learn more as time goes by.

Photography also interested me as I began to use a Canon Camera. My girlfriend and I began to do photoshoots of each other in different spots around New York City. I began to edit the photographs on Adobe Lightroom and on Adobe Photoshop. As I continued to use and work on these programs…I was capable of learning new techniques. Furthermore, my interest in Photography and Videography raised. I hope I can continue learning about these programs and learn about graphic design. I’m excited to see what’s to come in my next two years in City Tech.