The schedule below is a projection, things can adjust a little depending on our discussions during the classes.

Week 9: Wednesday March 30th
Topic: Color classifications and psychology


  • Introduce classification system to identify colors for specific supports. 
  • Explore the specifications of process vs. spot colors and PANTONE library. 
  • How design and budget affect color printing.

Lab time: Write a first draft of about 1 page. Add a list of websites, videos, biographies that you are going to use to write your paper. Include them as hyperlinks, not just links. Select a portrait of the artist and reproduction of their work.

Week 10: Wednesday April 6th
Topic: Students take Quiz 2 on color, motion graphics and web intro. Print Media & Digital Imaging


  • Identify image file format
  • Identify optimization for specific use

Lab time:  Finalize your research paper with text, photos, links and a list of all your references.

Week 11: Wednesday April 13th
Topic: Raster and Vector Formats


  • Identify the right file format for specific use
  • Understand pixelization 

Project presentation: Poster and Header Design Project

Lab time: Draw 5 skethes with ideas and treatments.

Week 12: Wednesday April 20th
No class

Week 13: Wednesday April 27th
Topic: Intro to computer technology, Analog Vs. Digital


  • Difference between analog and digital technologies is that in analog technology.
  • Define binary format (zero or one) and bits

Review: Artist Biography Research Paper

Lab time: Select your final 

Week 14: Wednesday May 4th
Topic: Reflection on typography


  • Approach on the terminology of Serif and Sans Serif fonts 
  • The future of typography. An overview of how typography is constantly evolving to address todays parameters. 

Review: Artist Biography Research Paper

Lab time: Send your 3 favorite variations on the quote you picked for the typography only postcard. See post for baby steps. 

Week 15: Wednesday May 11th
Topics: Students take Quiz 3 on computer technology and typography introduction

Review: Poster and Header Design Project

Lab time: finalize your posters and headers selection and upload them on your eportfolio. 

Week 16: Wednesday May 18th
Topics: ePortfolio Presentation

Review: students eportfolio presentation

Week 1: Wednesday February 2nd
Topic: Welcome To Digital Media Foundations


  • Familiarize students with the objectives of the course.
  • Establish working practices and clarify expected outcomes.
  • Introduce the basics of our working practices.
  • Class introduction: Ice breaker with “The Questionnaire” game.

Project presentation: Video Project introduction

Watch the videos:

Lab time: get to know the student you are going to work with. Come up with ideas, have fun and find a story line together that will describe the personality of each other. Write a short text about how you intend to create this video.

Homework to email by Sunday February 6th 1pm.: now start writing your screenplay first draft. We will keep working on it in the next class.

Week 2: Wednesday February 9th
Topic: How To Tell A Story In A Few Seconds?

Lecture: Inspire students to approach their work presentation as a story telling. A series of short videos, commercials and music videos will be shown as examples to understand stylistic, narration, emotional impact.

Watch these videos

Lab time: finish writing your screenplay that will help you during the filming and editing of the video. Or start filming your video

Homework to email by Sunday February 13th 1pm.: Make sure that you will be able to follow your text during the making of your video. Your screenplay is the tool that will help you realize the video.

Week 3: Wednesday February 16th
Topic: Digital Video

Lecture: Introduction to the technical aspect of digital video. Students will get familiarized with the terms and vocabulary of the movie industry and prep for the quiz 1. 

Demo: How to upload your video on YouTube.


  1. Upload your video on YouTube.
  2. Quiz 1 Prep: Familiarize yourself with the video vocabulary we talked about during class. Make sure you understand the benefit of story telling and a writing a screenplay and why we need them.
  3. Watch Introduction to Sound

Week 4: Wednesday February 23rd
Topic: Audio and Research Paper Presentation

Lecture: Introduction to the technical aspect of digital audio. Students will get familiarized with the terms and vocabulary of the movie industry and prep for the quiz 1.

Screening of some of the students videos.

Project presentation: Brand Identity Timeline


Select a brand that you are interested in. Write one paragraph to present your choice following this form:

  • Brand name
  • Brand purpose
  • Creation date
  • Company owners
  • Logo and Identity Designer(s)
  • Advertising Agency (if any)

Select a brand that is visually strong, have history and a developped identity with a logo, a colors palette, advertising campaigns and an esthetic that is recognizable such in their packaging.

Here is a list of brands you can choose from:

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Gucci
  3. Adidas
  4. Moncler
  5. GAP
  6. Nike
  7. Bumble
  8. Warby Parker
  9. Airbnb
  10. Chobani
  11. Glossier
  12. Kate Spade New York
  13. Target
  14. Whole Foods
  15. Mailchimp
  16. Subway
  17. Uber
  18. Oatly

Revise the Digital Video and Sound and Audio pages on OpenLab.

Get familiar with the vocabulary used in video and audio such as frame rate, aspect ratio, RGB color space, frequency, amplitude, decibels.

Week 5: Wednesday March 2nd
Topics: Quiz 1 and Web Design

Students take Quiz 1 on audio, video and story telling.

Lecture: Introduction to web design with presentation of the WordPress platform and templates used for OpenLab.


Structure your timeline with important dates of the brand with its creation, evolution of its identity such as logo and adverstising campaigns.

Post the text and images on your ePortfolio with the name of the brand for title.

Week 6: Wednesday March 9th
Topic: Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Animation


Presentation of a few videos using special effects, introducing animation and 3D with the software Cinema 4D.

Watch the interview of our guest Michael Wiehart, director of Visual Comforts. You will hear how Michael has built his softwares knowledge and developed a career as director and motion graphic designer. During the interview, Michael will show examples of his work and explain their process. You can visit his company website, Visual Comforts, to see more examples.


Place your brand identity timeline paper on your ePortfolio. After receiving my comments, finalize your presentation and text on your ePortfolio and PDF.

Week 7: Wednesday March 16th
Topic: Discussion on artist biography and movie projection


  • Introduce the street artist Banksy.
  • Reflect on the impact of his work. 
  • Develop critical thinking.

Lab time: projection of the documentary on Banksy “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

Week 8: Wednesday March 23rd
Topic: Color Science


  • Introduce color throught the physics of light.
  • identify colors in the visual spectrum.
  • Determine how our brains perceive color.
  • Intro to the different color spaces.

Demo: identification of colors and how they interact with each other using gouache and a brush. Demonstration of the connection between painting with a brush and digitally.

Project presentation: Artist Biography Research Paper

Lab time: research and pick 2 artists who inspire you. Write a short paragraph for each. Highlight what will be your sources for your research.

Class Prep

Watch the video series and complete activities