Definition of the word Write from the Thesaurus Dictionary:

1. put in writing, write down, put down, put in black and white, commit to paper, jot down, note, note down, make a note of, set down, take down, mark down, record, register, log, list, make a list of, inscribe, sign, scribble, scrawl, pencil.

2. compose, draft, create, invent, think up, draw up, formulate, compile, put together, pen, dash off, produce.

3. correspond, write a letter, communicate, get in touch, keep in touch, keep in contact; informal drop someone a line, drop someone a note.

Writing is a process, and no two people write the same way. I recommend following these steps when writing your paper, and remember that it is okay to jump between steps if you need to do more thinking or researching as you write. Check the Ashford University Academic Paper Checklist to ensure all your academic papers are complete and correctly structured:

Here is how to structure your process:

  1. Understand Your Assignment
    Prepare well
  2. Brainstorm
    Think and decide what you want to talk about
  3. Research, if needed
    Find information, explore webpages and images
  4. Outline
    Review information and organize into a structure that makes sense
  5. Draft
    Write a draft, make distinct paragraphs
  6. Revise
    Make it better, review and edit
  7. Edit and Proofread
    Make it correct