PowerPoint and Homework: Oct. 12th


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1. Write down your Topic. Be specific. Explain if you are going to look at a problem and possible solution OR if you are going to explore an arguable issue (whether or not…)

2. Write down your 5 to 8 research questions here.

Make sure you research questions :

-help identify the issue/ problem you might be researching (ex. gentrification in Williamsburg, etc)

-help determine the scope of your research project (how big or small a focus will you have—are you looking at gentrification in just Williamsburg or all of Brooklyn)

-help you figure out the sub-topics or areas that you want to research (will you look at how gentrification affections housing and cost of living and community relationships)


1. Find your 3 sources. Maybe even try to find one of the sources from the library website! Remember, don’t choose the first 3 sources that pop up on Google!

2. Put a link to the 3 sources here. Link them exactly so you can find them again!

3. Identify the GENRE of each source. Make sure EACH SOURCE IS A DIFFERENCE GENRE!


  1. Zeyin Wu

    1. Whether or not MTA should update the subway system right now?
    2. What is the problem for the NYC subway right now? How much does it cost to upgrade the subway system? Does NYC government have money to upgrade? Will government raise the price of the subway after upgrade? What are the implications for the governemnt and passengers during the retrofit?

     Lin, & Gill, J. R. (2009). Subway Train-Related Fatalities in New York City: Accident versus Suicide. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 54(6), 1414–1418. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1556-4029.2009.01165.x

    “Capital Projects Public Hearing Federal Fiscal Year 2022.” MTA, https://new.mta.info/2022-capital-projects-hearing. 

    Economic Impact of Subway Delays – New York City Comptroller. https://comptroller.nyc.gov/wp-content/uploads/documents/The_Economic_Cost_of_Subway_Delays.pdf. 

  2. Juan Delgado

    Topic: NASA dart mission, whether or not NASA and by extension humanity should spend more resources on said mission even if not an immediate issue or necessity.

    Research questions: Should NASA try to use said asteroid redirection mission to potentially benefit humanity by using asteroids for resources? Is the mission worth doing even if asteroids have no sign of being a threat to us anytime soon? Should this mission be something that all space organizations from different countries take place in? Could we use said positive effects of asteroids to potentially bring more organic materials and new habitats to earth?


    News report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnarDhb3l4A

    Article: http://archive-srel.uga.edu/outreach/ecoviews/ecoview050501.htm/

    Interview: https://today.tamu.edu/2022/09/28/nasas-dart-mission-and-the-future-of-human-space-exploration/

  3. Kiana Rodnell

    TOPIC: Whether or not music and music videos have a negative or positive impact

    QUESTIONS: 1. What POV or message are these music video portraying about woman and their bodies. 2. What message is the youth receiving when they see guns and violence in the music videos? 3. When ddi the violence and the victimization of women began? 4. Who is producing the videos. 5. Who is buying the albums?


  4. Chandi Craigwell


    Climate change causing severe weather (Problem & possible solution).

    Research questions:

    1. What is causing climate change?
    2. How can we help reduce the damage from these severe storms?
    3. Who is responsible for global warming?
    4. Why is climate change causing frequent and severe storms (weather)?
    5. Is it to late to fix the effects of climate change?
    6. What part of the world has been affected the most?
  5. Abdul-baset

    Abdulbaset Elfgeeh

    Topic: how climate change leading to Water scarcity in (MENA)

    Research Questions:

    1. How is climate change leading to Water scarcity? 
    2. Is water scarcity mainly caused by nature or humans?
    3. What country/region/continent is facing the highest water scarcity?
    4. The danger of  Water scarcity in agriculture?and on food sources? 
    5. Can scientists use technology and innovations to help reduce water scarcity?
  6. Jiamei Chen

    Topic: whether or not people will stop the pollution from the ocean.

    a.what is causing this pollution?

    b. who are the biggest polluters?

    c. how does pollutions impact ocean life?

    d. do some countries allow more pollutions than others?

    e. what is going in the ocean?

  7. Miguel

    1. Topic: What are some solution for global warming. 


       2. Research:

        1)How long it will take for global warming to approach a situation beyond the control of us human beings.

        2) What would happen to human in the USA if will approach a situation that we can’t control of global warming?

        3) How has global warming effect the outdoor laborers?  (Fram worker, Brick mason, firefight, Trail builder)

         4) As human beings living on earth, should all of us be responsible for climate change? Should we take this issue seriously or leave it to the government? 

        5)Energy conservation a good way to cope with global warming. do you think how many people in the world will be willing to use less electrical appliances to alleviate global warming.

        6)What measures does an ordinary family need to do to become a member to mitigate global warming?


          (TED talk)


          ( News Article)

  8. Yudenys Cepeda

    Topic: Should Tuition be free for good academic students


    1. why isn’t education free?
    2. For who would education be free?
    3. Will education be taken seriously if it were to be free?
    4. If education becomes free, what about past students with debt or those who already paid it off?

     Thomas. (2019). Free Medical School Tuition: Will It Accomplish Its Goals? JAMA : the Journal of the American Medical Association, 321(2), 143–144.


     Hall, Paddington, B., & Laird, C. (1979). Morral. Episode 3, The right to free education. publisher not identified.

     Thomas. (2019). Free Medical School Tuition: Will It Accomplish Its Goals? JAMA : the Journal of the American Medical Association, 321(2), 143–144. https://doi.org/10.1001/jama.2018.19457

  9. Alex Maldonado

    1. My topic questions is going to be whether or not parental leave should be extended.
    2. My questions are:

    How does a short leave effect the parent mentally?

    How long does a baby need with its mother and father?

    What if there is no one that can take care of your child?

    How is parental leave affecting the jobs funds?

    If parental leave were extended what would it look like? Would fathers also play a role in it?


    Ted talk: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DCLoio-8d48

    Journal Article: https://ijccep.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s40723-018-0041-6

    BBC News: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210712-paternity-leave-the-hidden-barriers-keeping-men-at-work

  10. Dillon.D


    • How car show takeovers are dangerous and what are ways to prevent them from occurring. 


    • Can car show takeovers really be dangerous and are there any solutions to this? 
    • What are other bad effects caused by takeovers. 
    • What actions are being put into place (by political leaders) to stop takeovers from happening? 
    • What was the most recent tragic takover meet? How many were injured? Were there any deaths? How many incidents in total that day? 
    • Who are the organizers/promoters for these events? 


  11. Diana Caizaguano


    Safety + MTA/ Subways

    Questions for research:

    How many accidents must take place before New Yorkers are affected and something is done?

    How do attacks on subway systems increase anxiety in the city?

    Plans towards safety to prevent numerous accidents?





  12. Nusrat zahan

    Topic: is there a connection between violent video games influencing violent behavior? 

    Research questions: 

    What does the research say? Who is conducting the research? (video game companies? psychologists?)What studies are available? What are the studies showing about whether or not there is a link between violent video games and violent behavior? Are some people (young vs old) more susceptible? If there is a connection, what is there to be done? Who is doing the research? how specifically might the behavior be impacted? 


    Ted talk 

    Pew, Lauren Goldbeck, and Alex. “Violent Video Games and Aggression.” National Center for Health Research, 21 Aug. 2019, https://www.center4research.org/violent-video-games-can-increase-aggression 

    Research article 

    Pew, Lauren Goldbeck and Alex Pew. “Violent Video Games and Aggression.” National Center for Health Research, 21 Aug. 2019, https://www.center4research.org/violent-video-games-can-increase-aggression/ 

     News article 

    Snider, Mike. “Study Confirms Link between Violent Video Games and Physical Aggression.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 8 Aug. 2019, https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2018/10/01/violent-video-games-tie-physical-aggression-confirmed-study/1486188002/

  13. Jenna

    My topic is whether or not animals should be used for experiments.

    my research questions are

    1. How many animals are being used each year for the experiments?

    2.Do the animals suffer while getting tested?

    3.How do humans benefit from animal research?

    4.What kinds of animals are being used in the experiments?

    5.Why are animals being used for the experiments?

    6.Are there any other ways Scientists can test their products?

    my sources are:


    “Save the Animals:Stop Animal Testing”

    https://youtu.be/nNKRgwHJumM   “What if we stopped animal testing?”  “What If”


    “Animal testing Pros and Cons: Where both Parties stand” 

    Brittany Hopkins Contributor   6/7/2021

  14. Shirley Hun

    Topic- whether or not Korean Beauty Standards are detrimental to Koreans? 

    1. where were these ideals rooted from? Who is mainly targeted and affected? Who’s responsible for reinforcing them? How does the normalization of these ideals impact mental health? How does it impact physical health? 




  15. Genesis Zavala

    My topic is natural disasters.how are natural disasters formed? Who covers the insurance in the U.S? Where is the safest place to live to avoid these natural disasters? What causes these natural disasters?

    Martucci, Brian. “What Is Natural Disaster Insurance and What Does It Cover?” What Is Natural Disaster Insurance and What Does It Cover?, 5 July 2022.

    Somers, Jeff. “These Ten U.S. Cities Are Safest From Natural Disasters.” Lifehacker, 23 Aug. 2022.

    IFRC. “What Is a Disaster? | IFRC.” What Is a Disaster? | IFRC, http://www.ifrc.org/our-work/disasters-climate-and-crises/what-disaster. Accessed 6 Nov. 2022.

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