PowerPoint and Homework: Sept. 12th


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  • Read My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant” by Antonio Vargas and write a response to the questions on OpenLab. 
    • What did you think of this text? Explain! 
    • What is it mostly about? Write a 2-4 sentence summary. Be specific. Refer to the text itself. Use quotes even! 
    • What is the genre of the text? What is the tone? 
    • How do Antonio Vargas’s experiences influence his literacy development (reading, writing, speaking) and the development of his identity? Be specific. For example, how does an experience impact the way he speaks or his experience in school or at work?
    • Why do you think Antonio Vargas wrote this article? Who do you think is the intended audience?
    • What challenges did Antonio Vargas face? How did he overcome those challenges?
    • What experiences and/or people affected Antonio Vargas the most? Explain.


  1. Jalin Slater

    1. I thought the text was interesting due to the hoops the author needed to jump through to be successful despite the negative consequences on their mental state their immigration status had.
    2. This article is about the author’s relationship with success and their fear of being outed as an illegal immigrant in America.
    3. This article is a first-person narrative. The tone is positive with moments of negativity.
    4. The author’s experience influenced his literacy by making him believe he needed to excel in whatever he did in order to be viewed as authentic. For example, when learning English the author studied words he couldn’t pronounce and studied television heavily to learn proper enunciation.
    5. Antonio Vargas wrote this article to show his experience growing up and living in America as an undocumented immigrant. The intended audience is other undocumented immigrants.
    6. Antonio Vargas faced being unable to do certain things in his life to further his career for fear of being deported to a country he doesn’t really know. He overcame this challenge by relying on his network of family, friends, coworkers, and mentors to circumnavigate the issue of documentation and further his career.
    7. His grandparents, mentors, and work experience affected him the most. His grandparent’s words never really left his head despite his success. His mentors helped him navigate immigration law and obtain documentation to work albeit temporarily.
  2. Conroy Hayden

    A. What I thought of text was very interesting because the author has to go through so much to able to speak actual English and its incredible to see the author to make it as a life story there is.

    B. This text is mostly about the author being an undocumented immigrant and he was scared because he couldn’t live a normal life how other people do.

    C. The text is about how hard life is when your a undocumented immigrant. and the tone to this is hiding your identity could be hard when times are tuff.

    D. Antonio challenged himself to do better to learn English cause he wanted to loose his accent so people wouldn’t think of him weird cause he didn’t know about American slang so he wanted to understand it more by spending hours in his highschool watching VHS tapes to copy various characters by their words.

    E. The reason why Antonio wrote this article because he want to share out his experience to everyone. The target audience was the people same undocumented immigrant as him.

    F. The challenges Antonio had to face was that he was living in America and it was hard because only in his language he could speak to other people but people made fun of him for it cause of his accent so he tried to learn English by going to Philippines to loose his accent.

    G. The people that affected Antonio the most was his grandparents cause he got kicked out the house for being gay and it affected him more cause his grandparents didn’t really support him or made him feel any better for being gay. but when he went to college and got a part time job he starting to do better then he was before and being more successful

  3. Zeyin Wu

    1.This text is good because it shows the author as an undocumented immigrant in person, which I can not imagine about that.

    2.It is mostly about the changes of an undocumented immigrant trying to integrate into American society and use real English.

    3.The text is essay, the tone is negative.

    4.The author watching a lot of TV shows and movie to change the way to speak and writing skill. During high school, The author spent hours at a time to do that for try to copy how various characters enunciate their words.

    5.The author wants to show us that the difficult life situation does not stop us from learning English and try to get the better life. The intended audience is all people in difficult circumstances or Undocumented Immigrant people.

    6.The challenges Antonio Vargas face was without valid government documents. His friends and family sought help for him and obtained some fake documents, even the SSN was fake.

    7.Pat Hyland affected Antonio Vargas the most. Because Pat Hyland helped Antonio Vargas a lot in high school and took care of him after college. Antonio Vargas says “Pat and Rich almost surrogate parents for me”

  4. Genesis Zavala

    What I think about this text is how he managed to be successful even though there was negative consequences

    While staying with his grandparents and being an immigrant in the country illegally, he highlights his academic and professional achievements. Vargas describes the challenges he encountered since he lacked the necessary documents to be in the United States over the course of his narrative.

    The genre of this text is a personal essay.

    Because he didn’t know American slang and wanted to lose his accent to avoid being perceived as odd, Antonio challenged himself to learn English better. He did this by spending hours in his high school watching VHS videos to mimic different characters’ speech patterns.

    I think he wrote this article to tell people what he went through and how he felt/experienced 

    He was scared of being deported to a country he doesn’t really know, He struggled with being unable to perform certain things in his life that would advance his career. In order to get around the problem of documentation and advance his career, he overcame this obstacle by leaning on his network of family, friends, coworkers, and mentors.

    His grandparents, mentors, and work experience affected him the most. Especially his grandmother she wasn’t really accepting.

  5. Kiana Rodnell

    A. I thought the article was pretty cool because it shows a very good lesson. Despite all  the things we went through and challenges he had to face he never let them stop him. 

    B. The article is about an undocumented immigrant trying to make a living in America. While people don’t make it easy for him through all the challenges he found a way. 

    C. This article is a personal essay.  The article has an overall positive tone but some parts of his story came off as negative. 

    D. The author’s experience influenced his literacy by making him believe he needed to excel in whatever he did in order to be viewed as authentic

    E. I think Antonio Vargas wrote this article because he wanted to share his story and all the things he went through and had to overcome. 

    F. His intended audience is people who are or were in the same situation he was in and giving them tips and tools and different ways he overcame it. 

    G. Antonio Vargas faced being unable to do certain things in his life  working for fear of being deported to a country he doesn’t really know. He overcomes these challenges by turning to his family and friends. 

    H. People that affected Antonio the most are his grandparents. I say this because when he told them that he was gay they didnt accept him and kicked him out the house. 

  6. Jiamei Chen

    The text is interesting. It’s about the author immigrant coming from the Philippines at 12 years old. His mother sent him for a better life so he smuggled to United state. It’s mostly about his childhood journey from the Philippines to the United States. He presents his education and career as a journalist while living with his grandparent. The tone up his essay as a personal narrative. He keep it secret in school work. he doesn’t want anyone to know. He wrote this article to share his experience. to intended the audience for anyone who wants to know more about undocumented immigrant. He overcome the challenge by ignore the people. The people that affected Antonio Vargas the most were his parent and his principle and the school superintendent who said they will help him with the job interview and getting the driver license.

  7. Yudenys Cepeda

    1. This text was very emotional to read. Im not illegal here, my father made me a U.S citizen at the age of 9. However, I am an immigrant because I wasn’t born here. I enjoyed very much reading about the struggles the author faced.
    2. The text is mostly about the struggles he faced to obtain his place as an illegal immigrant. He talks about the gratitude towards the people who took risks for him. How he worked hard to achieve everything in his life, including the text were reading.
    3. The genre of the text is a personal essay.
    4. Vargas experiences influenced his literacy development in many ways. He wanted to excel in all aspects of his life. In the text, as a young boy the kids would laugh at him for not properly understadning American slang. He later on won a spelling bee for understanding the most complex words. This proves his determination in wanting to get knowledge in the literacy world.
    5. I think he wrote this artice to show his intended audience, being immigrants that you can achieve anything you want even with the struggles you will face.
    6. He faced struggles in limitation to certain things because of his green card, being laughed at and limited education. He faced these struggles and obtained everything he would have achieved if he was to be citizen .
    7. The people that affected him most would be his grandparents. Even with all the struggles he had to go through, him not being accepted as gay by his grandparents affected him most. His grandparents were his support system.
  8. Anjali Molina

    I found the text interesting because of the way the author gave descriptive anecdotes from his past. 

    The text overall is about the author’s struggles and feelings while growing up as an undocumented immigrant. The main emphasis is on the author’s fear while being in that circumstance.

    The text is a personal essay, and an autobiography.

    The author first explains how he had to improve his accent while speaking English by emulating others. He also shares the fact that one of the hardest parts of learning to speak the language was the concept of slang. 

    The article was written to inform others about his situation that impacted his whole life. It could also be intended to be informational for those who have experienced something similar.

    Most of the challenges he faced revealed around him being undocumented. He then overcame his challenges with the aid of others.

    His grandparents, who first were able to ensure that he could continue living in the United States, and his mentors that added additional support.

  9. Shirley Hun

    I think this was very  powerful and interesting, as it put in perspective the authors real experience of being undocumented. As well, as struggling his whole life trying to come to terms with his identity and lying. 

    The story is about the authors difficulties  on being undocumented and lying his whole life, while finding success in his career life. For example he worried that being undocumented would of held him back in pursuing his dream, in writing and journalism. Since he couldn’t get the simple documentation or even a drivers license. 

    The genre is a personal essay and the tone is both sad but encouraging.

    His experiences influences his literacy development, since moving to America he wanted to prove himself as a citizen. He improved on his English and he would win spelling bees. 

    He wrote this article to share his experience. His intended audience are most likely undocumented immigrants as well. 

    Some challenges he faced is not being able to get the proper jobs he wanted or a drivers license. He couldn’t travel or go out of the country since he had no passport. He also had to lie his whole life and couldn’t trust this secret with most people like his close friends. He overcame them by having a good support system and network. They helped him in being able to move forward in life. 

    I believe his mentors and network affected him the most. They always believed in him and didn’t judge him for being undocumented. When he needed help they pulled some strings. 

  10. Muhammad Khalid

    This piece was very compelling due to so many challenges the author had to face to achieve his success. 


    To sum up everything it was mainly about his struggles & challenges of being an undocumented immigrate. He shares many of his challenges one of them being speaking the English language without his accent. He started by watching television and reading many magazines, books & newspapers to enhance his speaking skills. Eventually he was able to start writing.  


    The genre of this piece is Personal essay. As for the tone I’d have to say neutral since there are moments of struggle and successes.  


    He felt the urge to get rid of his accent, so he started to read and watch television & eventually started to write. He also had a desire to try his hardest in any task to achieve his geal.  


    I believe he wrote this to change the mindset of how people view immigrants especially undocumented immigrants. He wants to show others the struggles of being an immigrant and what it takes to overcome tough challenges. This piece is written for those who are struggling to achieve their success, reading this could help change their mind set on never giving up on their dream.  


    One challenge he faced was not having a social security card. He had to use a fake passport with his real full name and go to the Social Security Administration office to apply for a card & number. When the card arrived, he noticed that it was a limited social security card which required I.N.S authorization for work. To overcome this his grandfather used silver tape to cover the I.N.S message on the card and make copies of the card. Just like that he began to look for work and no longer needed I.N.S authorization.  


    His grandfather was a major part of his success since he is the one that brought him to the U.S and also helped him every step of the way to get him settled with some documents to eventually find work.  

  11. Diana Caizaguano

    This text was very interesting. It caught my attention as soonest i started reading because i can there are part of the authors journey I can also relate too. This text was about the authors obstacles he had to go through in order to become the person he is today. He mentions all the struggles he had to go through. he had to rebuild a completely new life away from his mom. As stated in the text “My mother wanted to give me a better life, so she sent me thousands of miles away to live with her parents in America — my grandfather (Lolo in Tagalog) and grandmother (Lola).” even though things weren’t easy he never gave up. Even if it meant he couldn’t trust anyone he would always have that positive mindset. the genre of this text is autobiography. Since the authors talks about his life. He didn’t feel comfortable with his accent because it impacted his life. He wanted to lose it. “My first challenge was the language. Though I learned English in the Philippines, I wanted to lose my accent. During high school, I spent hours at a time watching television”. Antonio Vargas wanted to write this article because there are many people out there who actually know how the struggle, the challenges an immigrant has to go through. Let people know it’s not easy. But with a positive mindset anything is possible. Despite all the struggles theres a good outcome. The challenges he had to go through was learning a new language, not having a social security, which did make things harder. having to adapt to a new life.

  12. Jenna

    I like the text, it was interesting reading about a immigrants personal experiences. 

    The text is about the author living as an immigrant and struggling to fit in like the rest. 

    The text is a narrative. The tone was positive and negative. 

    Antonio Vargas’s experiences influenced his literacy development because it made him try his hardest to succeed in whatever he was doing. It made him very determined.

    I think Antonio wrote this article to share his personal life as an immigrant. I think the article is intended for other immigrants or whoever would be interested. 

    The challenges Antonio faced was not having valid documents. This affected his career because he needed valid documents in order to do certain things. He decided to ask family and friends to help him succeed. 

     Antonio’s grandparents affected Antonio the most because they mostly supported him with everything ever since he moved in with them. 

  13. Alexander pastrano

    • This text was very interesting and very inspirational to many people driving them not to stay in the shadows for the rest of there life and share there own personal story’s. I feel like it inspires many people to strive for the goal that they along for no matter the challenges they face.
    • This story mostly speaks about a undocumented immigrant moving to the United States and the obstacles he had to face laying low most of his life because he wanted no one to find out. But that didn’t seem like a problem to him since he flew by school with no trouble, but he wanted to do what he love and document his own life since he was a writer but he had himself to hold him back so a couple years later he got his social security and was able to publish is story inspiring many people.
    • The genre is definitely a personal essay since he mostly speaks about himself and his family and what got him there also the tone is very inspirational at the end.
    • I feel like since Antonio was not able to stand out for most of his life he took this time since he is a citizen of the United States to publish his story.At a young age he even struggled with the language but once he got older he realized was always a writer since that’s the career he studied and loved also maybe influenced by other writers that wrote their own personal essays.
    • Antonio wrote this article to tell other undocumented immigrants, you’re not alone and there’s always a way out. All it takes is determination and hard work because it is already hard to try and fit in with others without standing out.
    • Antonio face being unable to speak English in a young age also not being able to have a drivers license without a social security, not being able to travel. The most important part is not being able to make his own story because it would stand out and the government might send him back to his country, with this he was patient and as time went on he overcame what was holding him down. Antonio not really having a voice because of fear most of his life is the main conflict, but now he can be the voice of millions of undocumented immigrants.
    • Alexander pastrano

      my apologies for being late I was dealing with some internet issues

  14. Alex Maldonado

    1. I like this story. It was an interesting read and I feel like I know people who can relate to the experience of being undocumented or being of another place and facing certain challenges, so it gave a bugger understanding.
    2. This story is mostly about Antonio and how his life was very difficult coming into to the U.S. He felt the need to have to work harder and through the essay it was shown how he was able to achieve the stuff he wanted.
    3. The genre of this text is a personal essay, and I’d say the tone is reflective and maybe gratitude.
    4. Antonio faced many troubles with speaking due to him coming from the Philippines. Despite that he had the desire to learn and that’s where his literacy development started. He would read magazines and watch a lot of tv in hopes of losing his accent. Him being made fun of in school influenced him to show he was fit. He was introduced to journalism in high school and from that moment he knew he liked to write.
    5. The purpose of this Article I’d say is to show that you can fight through adversity and that anything is possible if you try your hardest and reach out. Antonio showed various times of how he was troubled. He wasn’t able to go to college and felt the need to take on a full-time job until he spoke as was able to get a full ride scholarship. The intended audience can be other people who may be facing the troubles of un documentation, and it can be a light way for those to see they can make it out.
    6. His grandparents were the ones that had the biggest impact on his life. They were providing for him and his mother when they were in the Philippines, and they brought him to the U.S where he was able to work hard and find sucess as a writer.
  15. Miguel

    1. The United States is an immigration country, which is full of immigrants from all over the world. The author uses his experience to tell people how to survive as an undocumented immigrant in the United States.
    1. This article tells the story of the author being sent to the United States by his family when he was a child. The author went to school and work in the United States, because he is undocumented, so many things are restricted, and he is often afraid of being expelled for fear of his immigration status.


      3.   The genre of this text is a personal narrative, and the tone is positive.

      4.  He studied English in the Philippines, but he wanted to lose his accent, so he spent a lot of time watching TV and reading magazines to strengthen his English ability.

     5. The purpose of his article is to tell others what life is like in the United States as an undocumented immigrant. His intended audience is those undocumented immigrants living in the United States like him. Tell them not to give up and stick to what they pursue.

    1. The challenge Antonio faces is being undocument in the United States,his school classmate and his grandparents help him overcome these challenge.

     7.  His grandfather because grandparents have provided a lot of resources for him after graduating from school.

  16. Dillon.D

    • I thought this text was very interesting to read. The moment I read the introduction, the author had piqued my interest. After reading the passage, I had learnt that the author had gone through many obstacles. But he did not give up and pursued a very successful career. 
    • This passage is about an undocumented boy trying to make a life in the United States. The hardest obstacle he faced was learning and understanding the English language. It states from the text, “Kathy Dewar, my high-school English teacher, introduced me to journalism. From the moment I wrote my first article for the student paper, I convinced myself that having my name in print — writing in English, interviewing Americans — validated my presence here.” From that moment on he knew that he had to put out his absolute best.  
    • The genre of this text is a personal essay. The article has an overall positive tone, but some parts of his story came off as negative. 
    • The author’s experience influenced his literacy by making him believe he needed to excel in everything he did to be viewed as successful and authentic. 
    • Antonio Vargas wrote this article to show his experience growing up and living in America as an undocumented immigrant. The intended audience for this passage is other undocumented immigrants that share the same experiences as the author when he isolated to the United States. 
    • One of the challegenes that the author faced was getting into college. At first it was not possible for him to attend college because of financial issues and the be fact of being undocumented. After careful consultation with a lawyer, the author was able to apply and attend a school for high potential students. 
    • The people that affected him most would be his grandparents. Despite all the struggles he had faced such as, him not being accepted as gay by his grandparents affected him most. At the end of the day, his grandparents were his support system. 


  17. Abdul-baset

    I found the text interesting and emotional, It’s emotional because it shared a common reality that many immigrants had to go through which he described as living in a different reality My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant By Jose Antonio Vargas states that “living a different kind of reality. It means going about my day in fear of being found out” (The New York Times, June 22, 2011), vargas explained the fear he has been through as being an undocumented Immigrant from being cought of who he really is.

    The text was mainly about a 12 years old vargas sent by his mom who promised him she follow him soon but never did to live in the united with his grand parents Lolo and Lola, According to My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant By Jose Antonio Vargas states ” My mother wanted to give me a better life, so she sent me thousands of miles away to live with her parents in America” (The New York Times, June 22, 2011).

    The genera of the book is a personal essay, and the tone is an optimistic, because Vargas was always optimistic and confident about his future.

    His experiences of fear, hiding and running away from who he is, where at some point of his life he felt exhausted and believed that writing is a power and a way to share his story with the world, According to My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant By Jose Antonio Vargas states “  I respect and institutions that trusted me, of running away from who I am. I’m done running. I’m exhausted. I don’t want that life anymore. So I’ve decided to come forward, own up to what I’ve done, and tell my story to the best of my recollection” (The New York Times, June 22, 2011).

    I think he wrote this article to share his story with the world. I think his intended Audience is generally all readers including undocumented immigrants or immigrants in general.

    Vargas faces a lot of challenges starting when he had to leave his mom and travel miles away for a better future, struggled finding a job and he faced fear and depression worried about getting cought.

    the people that effected his life the most is his grandfather Lol who brought him to the United States and took care of him for the entire time he was with him

  18. Juan Delgado

    1. Overall I really liked this text as it opened up and showed me a new perspective on life and the experiences some people have to go through in order to live.
    2. The text is about the author’s personal experience moving and adjusting to America while also dealing with the consequences of being an immigrant.
    3. The genre of this would be a personal essay as the text is the author’s life story written by themselves. The tone is overall negative as the text revolves around the challenges and hardships the author experienced.
    4. The author’s experience shape their identity as they influence how he perceives the act of reading and writing, and said experiences make the author more appreciative of literature.
    5. The author may have wrote this article to shed light on the experience of being an immigrant as that has been a major issue in America that many people may not know about, and the most likely intended audience I would say is everyone as this could make other immigrants feel more respected, while shedding light on the situation for the people unaware.
    6. The main challenges the author faced was tied to him being an undocumented immigrant, meaning he could get deported any moment, and also adjusting to a completely new life. The author overcame said challenges through the support of those close to him
    7. The main big experiences that shaped the author are experiences with people like his grandparents
  19. Nusrat zahan

    Reading this made me very sad because this is the reality of many people that moved to America for a better life. 

    This text is about being an undocumented immigrant and living in fear and him wanting to have a somewhat normal life.

    I think the genre of this text is like an article. The tone of the text is mostly negative because it shares his experience of being an undocumented immigrant and the struggle.

    I think Antonio Vargas’s Experience influenced his literacy development and developed his identity. He started to learn English and be good at writing because he wanted to fit in and be considered an American. That’s why he learned to speak English without an accent, became good at writing, and became a journalist. Because he thought for him to be considered American he needed to be good at all those things to fit in, and he needed to speak proper English and be good at writing.

    I think Antonio Vargas Wrote this article to share his experience and to let people know what it’s like to be an undocumented immigrant and I think also because so people don’t have the stereotype. 

    I think his intended audience is a lot of people because so they understand what it’s like to be undocumented immigrants and what they have to go through every single day and the struggle.

    Some of the challenges that he faced were living in fear of being deported and not having valid government documents.

  20. Chandi Craigwell

    1. I thought this text was interesting because it gives insight into the life of undocumented immigrants and the challenges they face daily.
    2. This text was about how the author went through life in America as an illegal immigrant and how he became successful in a country that didn’t accept him as their own. In the text the author mentioned “Yet even though I think of myself as an American and consider America my country, my country doesn’t think of me as one of its own.” So we can see that he went through a lot of challenges for him to be an author.
    3. The genre of this text is a personal essay, the tone is somewhat negative.
    4. Antonio Vargas’s experiences influenced his literacy development (reading, writing, speaking) and the development of his identity because he wasn’t familiar with American slang so he learned how to speak english better, he wanted to lose his accent.
    5. He wrote this article so other immigrants like him can see his experience. Also so others can learn about what undocumented immigrants in the U.S. go through.
    6. He forced himself to learn academic or “proper” english so no one would have a reason to think he was an immigrant. He had to very cautious about everything he did.
    7. His grandparents and his work experience at the post affected him the most.

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