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Time Capsule

Dear Future Me,

I hope you are getting good grades and happy with everything that is going on around you. I hope you are asking for help when you need it and not being ashamed of what others will think. I hope you have your job schedule and school schedule all set where you can focus and not worrying about it. I hope you make some friends where you all support each other. Okay enough with all the “I hope”. Just remember to never look back at the negative parts in your life and always look ahead. Always keep your head up and just know were only going to the top. Just make sure to maintain your excellent grades and if for some reason you don’t have excellent grades just know that your slacking and you need to work harder. Always remember that someone out there is working harder than you.8 Ways to Find Inspiration When You Need It Most | Psychology TodayNOTHING CAN STOP ME IM ALL THE WAY UP - Keep Calm and Posters Generator,  Maker For Free - KeepCalmAndPosters.com

Time Capsule

Dear Future Tania

would you look at that you made it by the end of your first college semester, you went through a rough edge and probably your thoughts at some point was to quit and drop out since 2020 hasn’t been a good year for most of us but you made it, I know you’re capable of doing what you aim for even if you had a couple breakdowns which is normal to experience. Your academics for sure got better, your math I hope you stayed in track because I know how much you dislike math, writing, girl I hope it got better because you just love to put in your thoughts into writing and don’t realize that sometimes you repeat yourself a lot and sometimes you just scare to erase something that you thought would work out in the writing after your classmates gave you their opinion to make it even better, which is the reason why you need to listen and with the help of professor Elisa you will make your writing better than before. No one said college was going to be easy unlike you was told multiple times to get ready and be prepared for college and you took the challenge you took the next big step to make your dreams come true. Please but please stay on track don’t let yourself down and your grades stay focus always remember “DON’T GET DISTRACTED, STAY FOCUS THIS ISN’T HIGH SCHOOL” always keep in mind that this is your path to the real word to do what you like to do most help kids and look out for them.

being an online student can be intimidating, confusing, and just plain difficult!


online can be very stressful because  we are  used to be in a class full of students and teacher guiding us making sure were doing the right thing . We ask  teachers or professors if we need help and they are  with us. Hearing the crowd of  students walking around  going class by class or seeing there fellow friends . We go to to our advisor if we need anything urgent  whether it would be grades or assignments were missing  to keep  us updated . However now that we are online its difficult because we fallow the time and  make sure to hand in assignments in time!. professor makes us write notes have group desiccation . Its hard to send emails because  they respond long . plus the over load of work even though the sessions are 2 hrs long .                             Nitin Guar Quotes | QuoteHD     Mashfia Rahman

Time Capsule

Dear future Self,

I hope you doing well. I hope you accomplished all your future goals and became the person you wanted to be. Regardless of what happened in past that pulled you away from your dreams I hope you overcame those obstacles. I hope you in the spot of life where you only need yourself.

I remembered you didn’t like any type of ¬†changes in your life but every changes comes with positive moments¬† and you learn from those changes. These¬† changes you are going though everyday are taking you one step closer to your dreams. By the way how are Your side hustles are going also did you grow your clothing brand? I hope you graduated college with good GPA and meet amazing new people. I hope you keep on grinding and focused on your self.

Always remember no one can stop you from chasing your dreams if you really want something you go get. Also remember when you have tasted the ecstasy of the inner flow. You can walk in this world and the world will never touch you.


Eimon R.

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