This semester that  I took this year that It was unexpected how I planned to be ,It was a struggle honestly this whole online  was a struggle and a challenge.  meeting professor online face to face with other students.  usually we go to school or college and take notes and when we ask questions, Now we email if any questions we have some of the professor take long time to respond so we try to do it our selves or we as our classmates . also when the professor teach us they try to speed through a lot of material, distance learners might get but over all I worked hard focus enjoyed being home staying with family. Had good professors and some of the assignments I enjoyed. I am ready to study for finals it might be  stressful but I am also waiting for the break, To enjoy watching Netflix, calling some friends and sleep.

I might say English isn’t my favorite subject because its all about reading and writing , and deep thinking I am not a good thinker, However this class English 101 I learned a lot of interesting articles , opinions of whet other people have to say there were interesting projects we did.  Some of the Assignments  had a rough time with took me  time to finish. professor Cole was nice enough to let me finish my Assignments and gave me a date to finish so I am thankful for that .  I would  say  unit2  The Annotated bibliography was a good topic to write  about It was hard to write about it it was mainly focusing one goal or topic we have to strongly write about. This really helped me because what I want to become i researched it found some important information1 , This will help me after i graduate or  finding a good job at point