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Final exam due 11/14/2020

This semester that  I took this year that It was unexpected how I planned to be ,It was a struggle honestly this whole online  was a struggle and a challenge.  meeting professor online face to face with other students.  usually we go to school or college and take notes and when we ask questions, Now we email if any questions we have some of the professor take long time to respond so we try to do it our selves or we as our classmates . also when the professor teach us they try to speed through a lot of material, distance learners might get but over all I worked hard focus enjoyed being home staying with family. Had good professors and some of the assignments I enjoyed. I am ready to study for finals it might be  stressful but I am also waiting for the break, To enjoy watching Netflix, calling some friends and sleep.

I might say English isn’t my favorite subject because its all about reading and writing , and deep thinking I am not a good thinker, However this class English 101 I learned a lot of interesting articles , opinions of whet other people have to say there were interesting projects we did.  Some of the Assignments  had a rough time with took me  time to finish. professor Cole was nice enough to let me finish my Assignments and gave me a date to finish so I am thankful for that .  I would  say  unit2  The Annotated bibliography was a good topic to write  about It was hard to write about it it was mainly focusing one goal or topic we have to strongly write about. This really helped me because what I want to become i researched it found some important information1 , This will help me after i graduate or  finding a good job at point


annotated bibliography 400 words11/13/2020

a summary of the source’s content this non fiction article ”The History Of Vaccines And Immunization: Familiar Patterns, New Challenges. The history a he did

twelve such experiments and sixteen additional case histories he had collected since the 1770s Edward Jenner’s creation of the world’s first vaccine for smallpox in the 1790s. We then demonstrate that many of the issues of how Human beings have benefited from vaccines for more than two centuries. Yet the pathway to effective vaccines has been neither neat nor direct.f Edward Jenner, a country doctor living in Berkeley.By 1800, for instance, 100,000 people had been vaccinated in Europe, and vaccination had begun in the United States.both immunization campaigns and vaccine trails—have been supported by global health organizations and major philanthropies such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill .and Melinda Gates Foundation,most drugs, which are essentially chemical agents, vaccines are ”biologic agents that can be compromised during processing.”The perpose is writing this is the vaccine will help others and not have any problem with their immune system. The germs is endless and can be neither completely by vaccines, no matter how great their immunological power. Sadly, effective vaccines for two of the world’s leading killers, HIV and malaria, remain in the research stage. Furthermore, even the most knowledgeable scientist cannot precisely predict the strain of next year’s influenza, nor can an expert epidemiologist always explain why certain diseases rise and burn out at particular rates.
Its a good choice for the author convincing and making sure that each individual is okay and healthy. Americans take advantage of the flu shortage hysteria of fall 2004 to learn from the historical record. We need to transform our anxieties and energies into concrete steps to ensure a comprehensive vaccine supply in 2005 and beyond. It would be exceedingly foolish to squander one of preventive medicine’s greatest assets because of a neglected public health system and an inability to adequately coordinate market forces and regulatory demands with basic health needs.You cannot catch” the disease from the vaccine. Some vaccines contain kille virus, and it is impossible to get the disease from them. Others have live, but weakened, viruses designed to ensure that you cannot catch the disease.A vaccine-preventable disease that might make you sick for a week or two could prove deadly for your children, grandchildren, or parents if it spreads to them. When you get vaccinated, you’re protecting yourself and your family. For example, adults are the most common source of pertussis (whooping cough) infection in infants, which can be deadly in infants.

Writing in a New Genre11/8/2020

For my perspective i feel Racism is an important topic to talk about Allot of people had dealt with these situation  and have faced allot of situations for innocent people that haven’t commit anything. People amuse they are like others and put the blame which is int fair yes It happens because of a cause and effect for  whatever reason but  not everyone . The racism  had accord for the black and whites for their skin color and race which is outrageous god created us the way we are and we are all equal we are the same all life and humans matter, people are cruel sometimes all the blacks or dark skinned had been treated poorly still to this day they would get all the blame or uncontrollable lies they haven’t commit, Its not only them its for Muslims also  just because one tragic   scenario Muslim is the definition of peace and its the first precious religion they don’t mean no harm they care for others and respect each human beings . Terrorist inst only Muslims it other groups that terrorist who terrorized It is horrible that they did this and made Muslims or anyone one that been treated horrible . Everyone should be equal to one another , each and other person had dealt with racism which i don’t know why . we are suppose to care for each other and respect each other with kindness and respected and should be treated the same way they want to be treated , so many people don’t even tell the tragedies. These genera are different skills and  every organization has a  own narrative / story . I hope i will grab more ideas or interesting facts about this genera.

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